Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winners of Poll#6 and Poll#7 begins!

It looks like we've got some surprising results, and lots of votes too! Better, I guess. Let me see....

Well, it looks like the stigmata of 'taking lead at first' means nothing. The winner this time is Ikkou with 11 votes! Followed behind by his brother Isshu with 9 votes! Whereas tailing just closely behind is the former 'take the lead' character Nanami with 8 votes! Really, I nearly expected her to win, but... yeah. Quite 'far' behind her is Shurikenger with 4 votes, while Yousuke and Kouta both only got 1 vote... It just seems a 'pity vote' to me, but I'm not one to complain.

ABARANGER (17 Votes)
Surprisingly, it's kinda balanced. And leading here would be Asuka with 14 votes. He's followed by Yukito in 11 votes, while Ryouga and Ranru tied in 10 votes. And... um... I guess people kinda dislike Mikoto in revelling on his evilness so much he only got 5 votes, I thought he could gather more, seriously. Yep, not one to complain here.

Okay, now this is what I call utterly surprising. The winner is someone I totally didn't expect... Sen-chan with 13 votes! And closely followed by his girlfriend Umeko in 12 votes! Wow, totally didn't see it coming. My guesses, first Boss only got 10 votes, while the other one, Jasmine, only got 7 votes. My favorite, Hoji, only got 4 votes (T_T), followed by Ban with 3 votes, then followed by Tetsu in 2 votes, and finally Swan in 1 vote. Now THIS is what I call 'totally unexpected'.

This one's surprisingly solid and balanced. Winner goes to the big bro, Makito, in 12 votes. He's followed by mid bro Tsubasa in 11 votes, and tying in next place are lil' sis Urara, lil' bro Kai and mama Miyuki in 10 votes. 'Son in law' Hikaru is next with 9 votes and the last places, big sis Houka and papa Isamu held with 8 votes! Wow, even the last place got solid scores!

BOUKENGER (19 Votes)
Another 'imbalance' and a surprise entry to me. The winner here ends up in the Blow Knuckle of Souta with 12 votes! And behind him is Natsuki in 11 votes, followed by Eiji in 10 votes. While Satoru, Masumi and Sakura all tied in 5 votes, surprising because one of them would be the ones I expect to take the lead... And Zubaan is dead last with 1 vote... well one could get worse.

Next up is the last poll, I'll not make a Gobuster poll until it's finished. Enjoy!

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  1. Congrats to the Gouraijers.

    Glad to see Aba all balanced out for the most part. =)

    I wanted Boss to win for Deka, but I also really liked Sen and Umeko, so I'm good. ^__^

    Glad to see Makito winning. But how the heck did Tsubasa get so many votes? 0__o

    Boukenger turned out pretty surprising. Glad to see Souta win. He was the best imo. Followed by Natsuki and Eiji.