Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winners of Poll#3 and Poll#4 begins!

For some reason, the number of voters here are really less than usual... But the score's pretty solid so far. Also apologies for the delay, the work in me is getting hectic. Here we go, though.

MASKMAN (10 Votes)
Akira won over for 8 votes. Man, I really could've expected this, since I think Akira is one of the most favored characters in Maskman I see everywhere. At any rate, second place is tied for both Takeru and Kenta for 5 votes, with Momoko tailing behind for 4 votes, and Haruka last place for 3 votes. Solid scores, I say.

LIVEMAN (10 Votes) 
And the winner is... Yuusuke with 7 votes! I suppose his appearance in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai really helps, I do admit he's a real badass over there. Second place is surprisingly Megumi, with 6 votes, beating Jou at 5 votes, even if Jou appeared in Gokaiger! While Jun'ichi at least got 2 votes... Tetsuya got zero. I wonder what could cause that...

The lowest vote from the batch. I do wonder how that came to be though. At any rate, obviously Riki leads with 6 votes. I'm more or less surprised on how Youhei got 5 votes. That certainly can't come from how I included him in my fic! And behind him is Haruna with 3 votes, while Daichi and Shunsuke tied for last with 2 votes. Well one could go worse...

FIVEMAN (13 Votes) 
Lots of votes for today... and once again we had a Yellow Domination, with Remi dominating on 11 votes! Gee, I really should see this coming as she's sometimes considered the darkhorse of Fiveman, plus appearing in Gokaiger. And far behind her is Gaku with 5 votes, followed by Ken with 3 votes, all while Kazumi and Fumiya were last in 2 votes. It's a bit lopsided, admittedly.

JETMAN (10 Votes)
For one lauded as one of the best oldie Sentais I'm surprised there's only 10 votes. And surprisingly, even if Gai expectedly leads with 7 votes, he's tailed closely by Ryuu with 6 votes rather than dominating like Remi before! Both Raita and Ako, meanwhile tied behind Ryuu for 4 votes, and there's only 1 vote for Kaori... Well, there's quite little I could say for this...

At any rate, the next batch is up. Happy voting!

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  1. Maskman did have pretty solid scores. Liveman too.

    Turboranger characters deserve more votes.

    Not surprised that Remi had the most. xD

    Jetman's was pretty solid too I'd say.