Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trivia: Coincidence? Nana Mizuki & Nanami Nono

Okay, you may be totally shocked and said "Are you out of your mind, ChrisX!?" But this is one trivia I find REALLY funny and coincidental and could be a little awesome.

First off...

Folks, this is Nana Mizuki. You anime fans probably knew her as the seiyuu/voice actress of Naruto's Hinata Hyuuga, but ESPECIALLY Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's Fate Testarossa, along with so many other roles. She's really famous too, even for a seiyuu she managed to be one of the top J-Pop idol singers today and winning many awards. Yes, I know, her songs are awesome. You might not believe it but she started her career as an enka singer at the age of five, and released her first single (enka) at 1993, when she's 13 years old.

Hmm... a former enka singer, who eventually exploded in popularity as an idol-singer and very talented at that. Where have we seen that before in the world of Toku?


Maybe they're totally unrelated, but interestingly I find that Nanami's path of life as shown in Hurricaneger kinda looked like Nana Mizuki... just added with being a ninja. She guised herself as an enka singer, who eventually had a lot of trials of being an idol singer, and by the end of Hurricaneger, she's a full-fledged one and proved to be quite popular as well.

Not to mention, when you take Nanami's name (without Nono), it's like saying Nana Mizuki's name, just without the 'zuki'. And Nanami's stage name is... well... 'Nana'. This is one pure coincidence, I gotta say, because Toei couldn't have recognized or predicted Nana's eventual boom of popularity, when Hurricaneger aired, Nana was just gaining a 'darkhorse' fandom being Hinata of Naruto.

This is seriously just coincidence and nobody planned or based on Nana Mizuki. But this coincidence is something I kinda found out and thought it'd be kind of interesting to share between us Toku fans and Anime fans. Well, thanks for hearing my ramble, and I hope you had fun listening to it along with my silly discovery or sorts.

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