Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Sentai: Five Man Band

In regards of the same-named TV Tropes article, this is the series we're going to discuss for quite a bit. For those who don't know, Super Sentai draws heavy similarities with the show 'Science Ninja Team Gatchaman'. In this I mean, the formation of five people with a set of roles, each fulfilling some archetypical roles...
  • The Hero: Obviously the leader. He takes charge, he gives commands. Although this being Sentai, sometimes this goes to the Red Ranger, because he's the protagonist and that's how the show runs.
  • The Lancer: Vice-leader or number two. Usually second strongest, if not, he's the guy who gives contrast to the hero.
  • The Big Guy: Member with the biggest... something. Usually biggest size, but could also be biggest weaponry, etc.
  • The Smart Guy: Member with the brains, or prefers in outwitting the enemy with tricky attacks. In Sentai, this seems to translate to those whose fighting style has lots of back flips.
  • The Chick: Token girl. If not, this spot goes to those who are emotional, or is offset with a low defense or something. Not to say this is useless though.
  • Sixth Ranger: Extra rangers. Hell, since Power Rangers named it...
For the next series of posts, there's going to be a talk about the formation of these bands in each Sentai groups, how they fit into the role, etc. Look up to it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pairing Talk - Zyuranger

Hey, guess what. We're nearing Valentine day. Therefore, I'm back with my talk about.... Pairing Talk. This time we talk about... Zyuranger. Why Zyuranger? Because since Valentine day is about love, well why not add it with the pairing talk about the Warrior of Love herself. That is... Mei!

Basically, other than her, I don't add pictures of the characters yet. Sorry, will upload more later.

Surprisingly, even if Mei is 'Warrior of Love', she is not romantically interested to anyone. Not even to her teammates. However, it should be noted that Zyuranger seems to be more kid-friendly so they probably wouldn't dare to add such thing (so kids don't rush into romances that quickly!). Still, we, the more mature people... just can't help to nitpick. So, let's get down to the rangers we got.

1. Geki
Actually, most fans pair Mei with Geki the most, or maybe it's due to that Red-Pink pair trend. While most of them tends to take things professionally, it does seem that Geki sometimes show many concern towards Mei, and at the near end, they seem to be doing missions/visiting kids just together. Probably that's how it is for those two.

2. Goushi
(Un)fortunately for Goushi; he took things way more seriously than Geki, so most of his interaction with Mei are purely professional.

3. Dan
Okay, first off, when Dan was much of a slacker, Mei doesn't seem to tolerate with him much, but she got better on that. A lot of the interaction seems to come during that one time they're brainwashed into punks, but it's purely adventurous and dangerous, not romantic. Oh, and Dan made a boob-joke on Mei once, which pissed her off.

4. Boi
Second runner for Mei's pairing with Boi, as they are the youngest characters of the team, so they get to be paired a lot, in the beginning. By the end, Boi usually goes solo while Mei goes with Geki (though they do get together again during the pinnacle of the Burai arc). So, this is probably the second one to be paired with her, not to mention that one cupid episode where both he and Dan get brainwashed to fall in love with Mei... but since that was a monster's plot, it doesn't count.

5. Burai
Pairing Mei with Burai is... rather nonexistant as Burai heavily draws from his conflict with Geki, not with the other Zyurangers. There are mostly no pairing between them, except for professional stuffs. Or if you want to get cracky, just use the Power Rangers parallel (Tommy and Kimberly) to justify that. Just as a warning, while it will make sense in Power Rangers, it won't make sense in Zyuranger! There is a reason why we have the term 'Crack'!

And that's that for Mei's pairings for Zyuranger. Surprisingly she's very celibate for a Warrior of Love. Of course, she may be just dealing with universal love, rather than romance and lust, so she gets away free with it.

That's that from me, and I wish you a good Valentine Day later at February 14th!