Friday, April 20, 2012

Poll#7 has ended...

Yes, I apologize for the lack of updates. Tons of new games and such, and real life business. Anyway, we have our final batch of winners here.

Despite many's praises and such to my expected, despite some complains on some parts (especially loudness) about the eventual champion, Jan wins with 11 Votes! This certainly will make him feel wakiwaki than ujauja! And my predicted champion, Rio, is behind with 8 votes. Behind him are the two females, Ran and Mele with 7 votes. The Fukami bros (Retsu and Gou) are next with 6 votes, and the last place is Ken with 4 votes. Even so, this is quite the solid match, although it does make Jan feel REALLY wakiwaki.

GO-ONGER (18 Votes)
Another Red-winner, here being Sosuke with 10 votes. I guess with that and Jan, this disproves that loud reds are not that repulsed. And tailing behind is Miu with 8 votes, her twin Hiroto ties with Gunpei with 7 votes, while behind is Saki and Hanto with 6 votes with the last place being for Renn in 5 votes. A little more solid than the Gekiranger votes, but overall a strong standing for a humor Sentai.

Of course this being a fan favorite Sentai, this gets a lot of vote. Regardless, winner goes to Takeru with 12 votes (well of course, he fits well on the stoic badass part). And behind him is the very moe Kotoha with 10 votes (I guess Kotoha fans can rejoice now). And following behind is Genta with 7 votes, Kaoru with 6 votes and then Mako in 5 votes. Unfortunately poor Ryuunosuke and Chiaki only got 2 votes, I'm starting to wonder if those are pity votes... This is kind of unbalanced, but results are results.

GOSEIGER (23 Votes)
Okay this is weird. For the first time, we got a 3-way tie for champion, between Alata, Eri and Moune for 11 votes! Wow! And behind is a tie between Hyde and Gosei Knight for 6 votes (I thought Gosei Knight would top here, seriously). And lastly, the last place goes to Agri with 5 votes. Right now I still wonder how in the hell there can be a 3-way tie for champ...

GOKAIGER (28 Votes)
I actually expected Marvelous to take the lead here, but the eventual winner turns out to be (much to my surprise and joy) is Ahim with 12 votes, beating Marvelous AND Luka by 1 vote! Woo-hoo! Go Ahim! <3... Wait, what? Oh, excuse me. Anyway, behind them is Gai for 10 votes and then followed by Joe by 8 votes, and finally Doc with 7 votes. This is quite balanced, yes, but for the moment, let me just bask in the victory of Ahim. Yay!

I'll post more, including pictures and plans with these winners, but for now, the poll ended. Thank you for voting and see you next time!


  1. Glad to see Jan being the winner. ^__^ But aww man, Gou deserves so many more votes. He's awesome!

    I wish Gunpei had more votes too. He imo was the best character in Go-onger. Didn't care much for Sosuke, Hiroto, or Miu.

    Wish Kotoha won first place. Ah well, at least second place is pretty good. xD

    Don't really mind that Alata and Moune got in first place. hehehehe.

    Aww, I wish Gai made it first place. And dang, Don deserves more votes! Well, congrats to Ahim, Marvelous, and Luka. But still. lol xD

  2. hey man,
    you have a fan here in the philippines! when will you update?
    keep up the great blog! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I hope that he still is. I mean, he has to be since it's far too early for him to die. Heck, I don't want him dead.

  4. Oh, that's all right, ChrisX. I'm a Power Ranger fan like you. Also like you, I'm against the haters of those heroes. Why, I remember being antagonized in school lots of times for liking them. And boy, did it traumatize me?

    I'll never forget those jerks for bullying me just because of how I like. How would they like if if I pick on them just because of who and/or what they like? If you ask me, they should've left me alone and minded their own business.