Thursday, March 15, 2012

Persona 4

Hello folks. Since this is a free talking stuffs, I'd like to speak about one of my recent favorite series I'm getting at. This is... Persona 4.

Shin Megami Tensei series is a series which involve demon-contacting to traverse through a dangerous world full of demonic horrors ready to pounce on you anytime. Starting from the sub series of Persona, we're given concepts of 'summoning our other selves' called 'Persona', in order to combat the enemy. The story overall is pretty pessimistic dark, but Persona 4 takes the cake of being actually light and hopeful, while keeping some of its darker elements.

Basically, you take control of a white haired boy (third from right in the picture) from a town getting transferred for a year in the town of Inaba. In the town, aside of making friends, he heard rumors about a new channel called 'Midnight Channel' and for some reason, he's able to put his hands into TV and eventually it turns out he CAN enter the TV, along with his friends. Within the TV is a new foggy world where creatures called Shadow lurks. Complicating the parts is that there are some murder case going on in Inaba, and those who were murdered usually appear at the Channel first. So it's up to you to probably solve this murder.

What makes me like this section very much is the concept of Shadows here. Rather than a bunch of mindless monsters, they actually represent a repressed feelings of people. So, for instance, did you just meet an idol singer just retiring? Her Shadow is actually a strip-teasing pole-dancing attention whore. Did you just meet a tough delinquent guy who turns out like to sew? His shadow is a big... gay... uh, I think we'll stop there. But this allows for great characterizations for your teammates, and knowing that they've got their own issues, and helping them sort it out is part of the game.

These paragraphs probably don't do justice to the game, so I suggest that you grab it ASAP. Either the PS2 version or the upcoming VITA release. Or watch the anime. Or later, grab the Arc System Works-made fighting game in the future.

Last words, I'll just say this is a bear-y good game and you'd bear-tter give this game a grizzly shot, it's that good!

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