Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winners of Poll#4 and Poll#5 begins!

Again, these series of overnight working is taking the toll of my free time here, so here's the winners of the previous rounds... At least there are more votes for this batch.

ZYURANGER (21 Votes)
Well it's pretty obvious that Burai is gonna dominate, he leads with 16 votes. All I hope is that this is not largely due to him being a Tommy counterpart. Tailing behind is surprisingly Goushi with 8 votes. I wonder if it's because of his appearance in Gokaiger, or one of his PR 'successors' is Adam (who's played by the famous Johnny Yong Bosch)? Whatever. And behind them is a tie between Dan and Mei, 5 votes each. I'm not pissed, really. At any rate, Geki is next in line with 4 votes, and behind him is Boi with 3 votes. Regardless, all I say for this round is... Burai is DOMINATING.

DAIRANGER (21 Votes)
And leading up in the first place is Ryou for 17 votes. Yep, we're definitely amazed with his utter badass fighting scenes, not to mention going shirtless many times and shows us just how ripped his body and abs are (and it was glorious). And tailing behind him is Daigo with 13 votes, I suppose the Kujaku story arc help him give some edge. And behind him... Shouji with 7 votes, followed by Rin with 6 votes, then Kazu with 5 votes, and lastly Kou with 4 votes (I suppose the 'image of Tommy' did not help at this occasion...)

We have another dominating vote, the one dominating today is Tsuruhime with 14 votes! Guess that shows why female leaders are things to make popularity. Behind her is a tie between Sasuke and Jiraiya with 9 votes. I'm not gonna guess who's more popular between those two. Behind them is... Ninjaman with 4 votes, Seikai with 3 votes and Saizou is the last with 2 votes! Wow, guess Ninjaman's appearance in Gokaiger do help out a lot.

OHRANGER (21 Votes)
This is a much closer battle. The winner this time is Gorou with 10 votes... in which he took the narrow victory from Momo who was at first leading heavily, but in the end could only amass 9 votes! Surprisingly, those two are the ones appearing in Gokaiger, but I do realize that Momo also had this darkhorse feel amongst many. Anyway, behind her was Juri for 7 votes, and a tie between Yuuji and Riki with 6 votes, and the last one being Shouhei at 5 votes. All in all, tight, solid voting for this one.

CARRANGER (22 Votes)
For once, a vote with number not 21 votes total! And it was quite the dominating battle too, with Kyousuke on the lead for 14 votes. And behind him is what would be another 'darkhorse' character that is Natsumi, but only for 8 votes. Followed by... Signalman for 6 votes, wow! Behind him is Naoki for 5 votes, Minoru for 3 votes and then Youko for 2 votes...

I realized that with the exception of Kou, the winners of these polls are the one who at least got to be Tommy Oliver's alter ego from Power Rangers original to Turbo. Does it influence what you vote, I wonder? Regardless, just enjoy the next batch! Later!

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  1. Not surprised how the Zyuranger poll came out. Like, come on, Burai is played by Shiro Izumi. He's awesome! xD

    Ryou truly is badass. Though I'm kinda sad that Shouji, Kazu, Rin, and Kou got much less votes. I mean, they're all so awesome! And screw Tommy! Kou FTW!

    Yeowch, Seikai only got 3 votes? Aww. But I love the guy so much! =(

    Huh, I never thought of Natsumi as a darkhorse character. They all seemed pretty balanced out to me. Maybe Naoki a bit less, since he kinda seemed confused at times. lol xD I'm really shocked that Minoru and Youko both got so little votes. I mean, Minoru has such a unique personality amongst the Sentai franchise. And I think Youko is one of the best pinks ever in the franchise. Kinda makes me sad. =(