Monday, September 23, 2013

Preview Of Something

Miss me, guys? Sorry for not tagging much. I'm trying to get my funk back on Tokusatsu, but other things occupied me. Videogames and other anime. I'm still trying to get back onto my funk right now, but... hey, I never said this is limited to Tokusatsu. Therefore, I shall use this attempt as a preview for something.

This... is Terumi Yuuki. Of BlazBlue's fame. You may know him as Hazama. He's the arch villain of the series, a spirit who revels in the suffering of others, believing the only truth out there is despair, and the rest are lies.

He's hammy, he's a slick dresser... he's a nasty one... he's a gigantic overpowered hax troll. He's PURE EVIL. He's really an epic villain of the date.

And he...


He sucks.


Oh, but how could this happen? Isn't he a beloved villain out there? Isn't he just doing his job as a villain admirably? Isn't he a refreshing villain after types of 'sympathetic' or 'well-intentioned extremist' villains? Isn't he hammy and entertaining as hell? How can ChrisX thinks that he sucks ass? Is it because he can't understand Terumi's swagness, or did he just happen to have different values than the rest??

Coming soon, a ChrisX write up, in your nearest Blogspot or Tumblr... Where we go beyond the usual reasons of hate to describe how much this guy is an utter crap and sucks donkey's ass in his opinion.

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, I can suggest you doing the poll I add up with this thing. No matter what the outcome will be, the show will still go on.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Poll#7 has ended...

Yes, I apologize for the lack of updates. Tons of new games and such, and real life business. Anyway, we have our final batch of winners here.

Despite many's praises and such to my expected, despite some complains on some parts (especially loudness) about the eventual champion, Jan wins with 11 Votes! This certainly will make him feel wakiwaki than ujauja! And my predicted champion, Rio, is behind with 8 votes. Behind him are the two females, Ran and Mele with 7 votes. The Fukami bros (Retsu and Gou) are next with 6 votes, and the last place is Ken with 4 votes. Even so, this is quite the solid match, although it does make Jan feel REALLY wakiwaki.

GO-ONGER (18 Votes)
Another Red-winner, here being Sosuke with 10 votes. I guess with that and Jan, this disproves that loud reds are not that repulsed. And tailing behind is Miu with 8 votes, her twin Hiroto ties with Gunpei with 7 votes, while behind is Saki and Hanto with 6 votes with the last place being for Renn in 5 votes. A little more solid than the Gekiranger votes, but overall a strong standing for a humor Sentai.

Of course this being a fan favorite Sentai, this gets a lot of vote. Regardless, winner goes to Takeru with 12 votes (well of course, he fits well on the stoic badass part). And behind him is the very moe Kotoha with 10 votes (I guess Kotoha fans can rejoice now). And following behind is Genta with 7 votes, Kaoru with 6 votes and then Mako in 5 votes. Unfortunately poor Ryuunosuke and Chiaki only got 2 votes, I'm starting to wonder if those are pity votes... This is kind of unbalanced, but results are results.

GOSEIGER (23 Votes)
Okay this is weird. For the first time, we got a 3-way tie for champion, between Alata, Eri and Moune for 11 votes! Wow! And behind is a tie between Hyde and Gosei Knight for 6 votes (I thought Gosei Knight would top here, seriously). And lastly, the last place goes to Agri with 5 votes. Right now I still wonder how in the hell there can be a 3-way tie for champ...

GOKAIGER (28 Votes)
I actually expected Marvelous to take the lead here, but the eventual winner turns out to be (much to my surprise and joy) is Ahim with 12 votes, beating Marvelous AND Luka by 1 vote! Woo-hoo! Go Ahim! <3... Wait, what? Oh, excuse me. Anyway, behind them is Gai for 10 votes and then followed by Joe by 8 votes, and finally Doc with 7 votes. This is quite balanced, yes, but for the moment, let me just bask in the victory of Ahim. Yay!

I'll post more, including pictures and plans with these winners, but for now, the poll ended. Thank you for voting and see you next time!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winners of Poll#6 and Poll#7 begins!

It looks like we've got some surprising results, and lots of votes too! Better, I guess. Let me see....

Well, it looks like the stigmata of 'taking lead at first' means nothing. The winner this time is Ikkou with 11 votes! Followed behind by his brother Isshu with 9 votes! Whereas tailing just closely behind is the former 'take the lead' character Nanami with 8 votes! Really, I nearly expected her to win, but... yeah. Quite 'far' behind her is Shurikenger with 4 votes, while Yousuke and Kouta both only got 1 vote... It just seems a 'pity vote' to me, but I'm not one to complain.

ABARANGER (17 Votes)
Surprisingly, it's kinda balanced. And leading here would be Asuka with 14 votes. He's followed by Yukito in 11 votes, while Ryouga and Ranru tied in 10 votes. And... um... I guess people kinda dislike Mikoto in revelling on his evilness so much he only got 5 votes, I thought he could gather more, seriously. Yep, not one to complain here.

Okay, now this is what I call utterly surprising. The winner is someone I totally didn't expect... Sen-chan with 13 votes! And closely followed by his girlfriend Umeko in 12 votes! Wow, totally didn't see it coming. My guesses, first Boss only got 10 votes, while the other one, Jasmine, only got 7 votes. My favorite, Hoji, only got 4 votes (T_T), followed by Ban with 3 votes, then followed by Tetsu in 2 votes, and finally Swan in 1 vote. Now THIS is what I call 'totally unexpected'.

This one's surprisingly solid and balanced. Winner goes to the big bro, Makito, in 12 votes. He's followed by mid bro Tsubasa in 11 votes, and tying in next place are lil' sis Urara, lil' bro Kai and mama Miyuki in 10 votes. 'Son in law' Hikaru is next with 9 votes and the last places, big sis Houka and papa Isamu held with 8 votes! Wow, even the last place got solid scores!

BOUKENGER (19 Votes)
Another 'imbalance' and a surprise entry to me. The winner here ends up in the Blow Knuckle of Souta with 12 votes! And behind him is Natsuki in 11 votes, followed by Eiji in 10 votes. While Satoru, Masumi and Sakura all tied in 5 votes, surprising because one of them would be the ones I expect to take the lead... And Zubaan is dead last with 1 vote... well one could get worse.

Next up is the last poll, I'll not make a Gobuster poll until it's finished. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winners of Poll#5 and Poll#6 begins!

Well looks like Poll#5 ends like Poll#3, too small voters. What's wrong, people? Regardless, the winners are set.

For some reason, the votings were even at first, but the eventual winner is Kenta with 5 votes, while the rest of the main rangers (Kouichirou, Shun, Chisato and Miku) all got fair 4 votes, and only one vote for Hayakawa. I wonder how it ends like this, though... was everyone (except Hayakawa) equally liked, and Kenta only manages for the top for his appearance in Gokaiger? Hmm...

GINGAMAN (9 Votes)
For this one, and after quite some time, we have two champs again, this time the brothers who would've been Ginga Red... Ryouma and Hyuuga! With 5 votes! Tailing behind them is Gouki with 4 votes (I think aside of his actor's popularity, his appearance in Gaoranger vs SS do help a lot), and next we have Saya with 3 votes. Hayate and Hikaru are last place with 2 votes, but... well considering the amount of voters... not a bad score, I suppose. Still, congratulations to the brothers!

GO GO V (8 Votes)
And like Megaranger we have a tough slightly fair battle, but in the end, winner goes to Matoi with 5 votes, while Nagare is last place with... 3 votes (well he fared better than Hayakawa, I guess). The rest (Sho, Daimon and Matsuri) are with 4 votes. I was actually quite sure that Matsuri could've taken the first place considering her appearance in Gokaiger and that she's usually pretty popular amongst Sentai heroines. Oh well, the eldest is taking the lead for now unlike Fiveman.

Predictably, Yuuri takes the 'leaping' lead (leaping because the lack of votes) with 7 votes. Of course being one of the more developed female leader as well as being a Tsundere will immensely help her for victory. Second place are actually tied between Domon and Sion with 4 votes, while the rest (Tatsuya, Ayase and Naoto) are 3 votes... No complains really.

GAORANGER (10 Votes)
And we have another tied champions, this time leading in 5 votes... Kakeru and Gaku! Kakeru seems normal to me so I'm surprised he won, while I coulda expect Gaku taking the lead due to his development and his hilarious Engrish. But for Kakeru to tie with him? Impressive. Anyway, behind them is Sae with 4 votes. Aaand... the rest (Kai, Soutarou and Tsukumarou) are last with 2 votes... hmmm...

While the poll has very little voters, the matchup seemed really solid and there's not much leaping lead. I hope the next poll has more voters though! I can only hope.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Persona 4

Hello folks. Since this is a free talking stuffs, I'd like to speak about one of my recent favorite series I'm getting at. This is... Persona 4.

Shin Megami Tensei series is a series which involve demon-contacting to traverse through a dangerous world full of demonic horrors ready to pounce on you anytime. Starting from the sub series of Persona, we're given concepts of 'summoning our other selves' called 'Persona', in order to combat the enemy. The story overall is pretty pessimistic dark, but Persona 4 takes the cake of being actually light and hopeful, while keeping some of its darker elements.

Basically, you take control of a white haired boy (third from right in the picture) from a town getting transferred for a year in the town of Inaba. In the town, aside of making friends, he heard rumors about a new channel called 'Midnight Channel' and for some reason, he's able to put his hands into TV and eventually it turns out he CAN enter the TV, along with his friends. Within the TV is a new foggy world where creatures called Shadow lurks. Complicating the parts is that there are some murder case going on in Inaba, and those who were murdered usually appear at the Channel first. So it's up to you to probably solve this murder.

What makes me like this section very much is the concept of Shadows here. Rather than a bunch of mindless monsters, they actually represent a repressed feelings of people. So, for instance, did you just meet an idol singer just retiring? Her Shadow is actually a strip-teasing pole-dancing attention whore. Did you just meet a tough delinquent guy who turns out like to sew? His shadow is a big... gay... uh, I think we'll stop there. But this allows for great characterizations for your teammates, and knowing that they've got their own issues, and helping them sort it out is part of the game.

These paragraphs probably don't do justice to the game, so I suggest that you grab it ASAP. Either the PS2 version or the upcoming VITA release. Or watch the anime. Or later, grab the Arc System Works-made fighting game in the future.

Last words, I'll just say this is a bear-y good game and you'd bear-tter give this game a grizzly shot, it's that good!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winners of Poll#4 and Poll#5 begins!

Again, these series of overnight working is taking the toll of my free time here, so here's the winners of the previous rounds... At least there are more votes for this batch.

ZYURANGER (21 Votes)
Well it's pretty obvious that Burai is gonna dominate, he leads with 16 votes. All I hope is that this is not largely due to him being a Tommy counterpart. Tailing behind is surprisingly Goushi with 8 votes. I wonder if it's because of his appearance in Gokaiger, or one of his PR 'successors' is Adam (who's played by the famous Johnny Yong Bosch)? Whatever. And behind them is a tie between Dan and Mei, 5 votes each. I'm not pissed, really. At any rate, Geki is next in line with 4 votes, and behind him is Boi with 3 votes. Regardless, all I say for this round is... Burai is DOMINATING.

DAIRANGER (21 Votes)
And leading up in the first place is Ryou for 17 votes. Yep, we're definitely amazed with his utter badass fighting scenes, not to mention going shirtless many times and shows us just how ripped his body and abs are (and it was glorious). And tailing behind him is Daigo with 13 votes, I suppose the Kujaku story arc help him give some edge. And behind him... Shouji with 7 votes, followed by Rin with 6 votes, then Kazu with 5 votes, and lastly Kou with 4 votes (I suppose the 'image of Tommy' did not help at this occasion...)

We have another dominating vote, the one dominating today is Tsuruhime with 14 votes! Guess that shows why female leaders are things to make popularity. Behind her is a tie between Sasuke and Jiraiya with 9 votes. I'm not gonna guess who's more popular between those two. Behind them is... Ninjaman with 4 votes, Seikai with 3 votes and Saizou is the last with 2 votes! Wow, guess Ninjaman's appearance in Gokaiger do help out a lot.

OHRANGER (21 Votes)
This is a much closer battle. The winner this time is Gorou with 10 votes... in which he took the narrow victory from Momo who was at first leading heavily, but in the end could only amass 9 votes! Surprisingly, those two are the ones appearing in Gokaiger, but I do realize that Momo also had this darkhorse feel amongst many. Anyway, behind her was Juri for 7 votes, and a tie between Yuuji and Riki with 6 votes, and the last one being Shouhei at 5 votes. All in all, tight, solid voting for this one.

CARRANGER (22 Votes)
For once, a vote with number not 21 votes total! And it was quite the dominating battle too, with Kyousuke on the lead for 14 votes. And behind him is what would be another 'darkhorse' character that is Natsumi, but only for 8 votes. Followed by... Signalman for 6 votes, wow! Behind him is Naoki for 5 votes, Minoru for 3 votes and then Youko for 2 votes...

I realized that with the exception of Kou, the winners of these polls are the one who at least got to be Tommy Oliver's alter ego from Power Rangers original to Turbo. Does it influence what you vote, I wonder? Regardless, just enjoy the next batch! Later!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trivia: Coincidence? Nana Mizuki & Nanami Nono

Okay, you may be totally shocked and said "Are you out of your mind, ChrisX!?" But this is one trivia I find REALLY funny and coincidental and could be a little awesome.

First off...

Folks, this is Nana Mizuki. You anime fans probably knew her as the seiyuu/voice actress of Naruto's Hinata Hyuuga, but ESPECIALLY Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's Fate Testarossa, along with so many other roles. She's really famous too, even for a seiyuu she managed to be one of the top J-Pop idol singers today and winning many awards. Yes, I know, her songs are awesome. You might not believe it but she started her career as an enka singer at the age of five, and released her first single (enka) at 1993, when she's 13 years old.

Hmm... a former enka singer, who eventually exploded in popularity as an idol-singer and very talented at that. Where have we seen that before in the world of Toku?


Maybe they're totally unrelated, but interestingly I find that Nanami's path of life as shown in Hurricaneger kinda looked like Nana Mizuki... just added with being a ninja. She guised herself as an enka singer, who eventually had a lot of trials of being an idol singer, and by the end of Hurricaneger, she's a full-fledged one and proved to be quite popular as well.

Not to mention, when you take Nanami's name (without Nono), it's like saying Nana Mizuki's name, just without the 'zuki'. And Nanami's stage name is... well... 'Nana'. This is one pure coincidence, I gotta say, because Toei couldn't have recognized or predicted Nana's eventual boom of popularity, when Hurricaneger aired, Nana was just gaining a 'darkhorse' fandom being Hinata of Naruto.

This is seriously just coincidence and nobody planned or based on Nana Mizuki. But this coincidence is something I kinda found out and thought it'd be kind of interesting to share between us Toku fans and Anime fans. Well, thanks for hearing my ramble, and I hope you had fun listening to it along with my silly discovery or sorts.