Thursday, March 22, 2012

Winners of Poll#5 and Poll#6 begins!

Well looks like Poll#5 ends like Poll#3, too small voters. What's wrong, people? Regardless, the winners are set.

For some reason, the votings were even at first, but the eventual winner is Kenta with 5 votes, while the rest of the main rangers (Kouichirou, Shun, Chisato and Miku) all got fair 4 votes, and only one vote for Hayakawa. I wonder how it ends like this, though... was everyone (except Hayakawa) equally liked, and Kenta only manages for the top for his appearance in Gokaiger? Hmm...

GINGAMAN (9 Votes)
For this one, and after quite some time, we have two champs again, this time the brothers who would've been Ginga Red... Ryouma and Hyuuga! With 5 votes! Tailing behind them is Gouki with 4 votes (I think aside of his actor's popularity, his appearance in Gaoranger vs SS do help a lot), and next we have Saya with 3 votes. Hayate and Hikaru are last place with 2 votes, but... well considering the amount of voters... not a bad score, I suppose. Still, congratulations to the brothers!

GO GO V (8 Votes)
And like Megaranger we have a tough slightly fair battle, but in the end, winner goes to Matoi with 5 votes, while Nagare is last place with... 3 votes (well he fared better than Hayakawa, I guess). The rest (Sho, Daimon and Matsuri) are with 4 votes. I was actually quite sure that Matsuri could've taken the first place considering her appearance in Gokaiger and that she's usually pretty popular amongst Sentai heroines. Oh well, the eldest is taking the lead for now unlike Fiveman.

Predictably, Yuuri takes the 'leaping' lead (leaping because the lack of votes) with 7 votes. Of course being one of the more developed female leader as well as being a Tsundere will immensely help her for victory. Second place are actually tied between Domon and Sion with 4 votes, while the rest (Tatsuya, Ayase and Naoto) are 3 votes... No complains really.

GAORANGER (10 Votes)
And we have another tied champions, this time leading in 5 votes... Kakeru and Gaku! Kakeru seems normal to me so I'm surprised he won, while I coulda expect Gaku taking the lead due to his development and his hilarious Engrish. But for Kakeru to tie with him? Impressive. Anyway, behind them is Sae with 4 votes. Aaand... the rest (Kai, Soutarou and Tsukumarou) are last with 2 votes... hmmm...

While the poll has very little voters, the matchup seemed really solid and there's not much leaping lead. I hope the next poll has more voters though! I can only hope.

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  1. Yay for Kenta. =)

    Aww, Hikaru and Hayate need more votes.

    Matoi is badass. Glad to see he won.