Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winners of Poll#2 and Poll#3 begins!

Sorry for a little late posting. Busy with work. Regardless, this batch has quite some surprise, and more votes.

GOGGLE V (23 Votes)
With happiness, I am proud to announce that Miki won with 14 votes! Aww yeah! Although the rest of the votes kinda surprised me. Akama was second place with 12 votes, while both Aoyama and Kijima ties in the third with 10 votes, and Kuroda, who was taking the lead in the first place, got last at 9 votes!? Come ON, I thought you all like him. Pity, I like him too and I don't feel he's that overrated. Oh well, results are results...

DYNAMAN (22 Votes)
Now this is also surprising. I really didn't expect the winner... Nangou with 10 votes! Wow, and I thought he's usually dismissed when mentioning Dynaman. Second place were both Hokuto and Hoshikawa with 9 votes, while Rei, the one who leads in the first place, was 3rd place with 8 votes... Shima only got 6 votes as last... But still, this is definitely a surprising result. I mean, who would expect Nangou when everyone talking about Dynaman were mostly (as far as I heard) about Hoshikawa and Rei?

BIOMAN (23 Votes)
This part is dominated by Jun Yabuki, who won with 17 votes total. The one that is second place are just Gou with 7 votes... that's some gap all right... Unfortunately the rest of the Bioman only got low votes, with Nanbara only 3 votes, both Hikaru and Mika 2 votes, and Shingo with only 1 vote... What is wrong with the Bioman cast if it's like this?


CHANGEMAN (25 Votes)
This is at least much more balanced, very similar to the Goggle V one. Leading in first place is Tsurugi with 15 votes, followed by Sayaka with 14 votes, then BOTH Mai and Oozora with 13 votes and Hayate... after leading in numbers for the first days, became the last in 11 votes... VERY similar to Kuroda. I guess early start doesn't speak for everything in this case...

FLASHMAN (28 Votes)
Most votes so far and I say the vote amounts are spread in good balance... sort of. Sara expectedly leads with 19 votes. Of course, one can only expect as such from the 'Ensemble Darkhorse' of Flashman. Jin tails behind with 17 votes, while Lou got 13 votes as the next place, Bun with 12 votes afterwards and Dai with 11 votes as the last. I suppose it is some sort of stigma that the one who leads in the first days are nearly doomed to be the last one.

Don't get your hopes down though, I'm sure it's just coincidence (it didn't happen to Bioman!). Regardless, let's see how the standing goes for the next poll, ranging from Maskman to Jetman!

(Pictures coming soon)


  1. How the heck did Kuroda get in last place??? 0__o

    Nango is a fun character.

    Yay! Jun! =D

    Glad to see Changeman and Flashman all balanced out.

  2. Hoshikawa is the surname of the Fiveman siblings, as well as that of Dyna Black, whose actor (Jun'ichi Haruta) also played Kuroda (Goggle Black)!