Monday, September 23, 2013

Preview Of Something

Miss me, guys? Sorry for not tagging much. I'm trying to get my funk back on Tokusatsu, but other things occupied me. Videogames and other anime. I'm still trying to get back onto my funk right now, but... hey, I never said this is limited to Tokusatsu. Therefore, I shall use this attempt as a preview for something.

This... is Terumi Yuuki. Of BlazBlue's fame. You may know him as Hazama. He's the arch villain of the series, a spirit who revels in the suffering of others, believing the only truth out there is despair, and the rest are lies.

He's hammy, he's a slick dresser... he's a nasty one... he's a gigantic overpowered hax troll. He's PURE EVIL. He's really an epic villain of the date.

And he...


He sucks.


Oh, but how could this happen? Isn't he a beloved villain out there? Isn't he just doing his job as a villain admirably? Isn't he a refreshing villain after types of 'sympathetic' or 'well-intentioned extremist' villains? Isn't he hammy and entertaining as hell? How can ChrisX thinks that he sucks ass? Is it because he can't understand Terumi's swagness, or did he just happen to have different values than the rest??

Coming soon, a ChrisX write up, in your nearest Blogspot or Tumblr... Where we go beyond the usual reasons of hate to describe how much this guy is an utter crap and sucks donkey's ass in his opinion.

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, I can suggest you doing the poll I add up with this thing. No matter what the outcome will be, the show will still go on.


  1. Nice to see you again. I missed your doing stuff on here, especially since these are your blogs.

    Now that you criticized Terumi, I congratulate you for that.

    I also congratulate you for being against the prejudice of the Power Ranger haters just as I am. In fact, I have a suggestion for you: Since you blogged about tokusatsu like the Power Rangers and original sentai, I'm wondering if you'd like to to star in more than one of eight Power Ranger shows that I'm thinking of creating. If you accept that offer, then you mask for more than one of my e-mail addresses.

  2. Hi nice to see you back. So if you were pretty busy, it's very understandable. So pretty much, maybe you could actually focus on your current passions of of right now. Maybe you can critique on video games and Anime for the moment if that's what occupies you as of the moment. Or maybe, convince people to check out certain new stuff. Just my two cents.


    Well, he gets his comeuppance in Chronophantasma's Story Mode.

    In Terumi's arcade mode ending. Trinity pulled a trick on him, switching with Hazama, the effect makes him vulnerable and nullifies his life link/observer thing-a-majig.

    Then, in the story mode, Hakumen and Trinity (in Platinum's body) confronts Terumi in a Cauldron in Ibukido. There, Hakumen sent Terumi to his demise by using the Time Killer. But before dying, he takes along Trinity to his death by killing her.

    In the end, Terumi dies in the hand of Hakumen, not sure if he will return or not, it remains to be seen. For now, he's "dead".


    I just got these information somewhere. To make sure of it you have a PS3 and a copy of Chronophantasma, download Terumi (he's DLC) and play Terumi's Arcade Mode first, then the Story Mode (Six Heroes Route) to find out.

  4. Are you still there, ChrisX? I've been waiting for you if you're interested in the offer that I have for you.

    1. That offer I have for you is starring in more than one of my Power Ranger shows due to your interest in those heroes.

  5. Before you continue, please try to shed the anonymity and shed more detail on your offer.