Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pairing Talk: Goggle V

This time, we tackle on old school Sentai pairing. Goggle V didn't really hit the current Sentai fans that much, but still, I think being a fan of Goggle V, I could do an analysis about how the characters add up and how much chance do they have as a pair. Granted, it's not really intended with romance, but sometimes the hint are there.

And since there's only one girl in Goggle V (Miki), I'll probably end up trying to find out who is the best pair for her. Not to mention that the oldest of the team is 11 years old older than her, but sometimes, age is not considered a gap...

1. Ken'ichi X Miki

For the most part, they're just doing things professionally. Though the amount of times of how Ken'ichi saved Miki from monster of the weeks (and it happened quite a bit) could be the most, so if they're looking for chemistries, they should go from there.

2. Kanpei X Miki

Except they ride the Goggle Caesar together, I don't see much interactions between them... He does sometimes save her from monsters, like Ken'ichi, but I think he does it in less frequency.

3. Futoshi X Miki

Granted, Miki does hang around with Kijima more often than those two, but it's not that much. Maybe that one scene where she showed concern on Kijima practically beating himself up to toughen himself in an upcoming fight could count, but other than that, there's not much to say. Besides, you've got to notice that Kijima is 11 years older than Miki! Age gap might not be a problem, but to some, it could be!

4. Saburou X Miki

Oh boy. I know someone who liked this pairing, but I think he only based it on reading a fanfic. Under further inspection, I'd say there's a lot of reasons why he could like this pair. Hirohisa Soda DOES seem to pair both Saburou and Miki together a lot (though he probably meant it as non-romantic). Here, let's list them:
1. They're both the youngest of the team, although while Miki is 16, Saburou is 4 years older (20). The rest of the Goggles are even older than him!
2. Usually, when driving a car, they're side by side, be it normal cars or the Goggle V's car.
3. The fifth episode when they walked together. This has been cited by many to be the top moment for them together.
4. During the episode fighting the Tiger Mozoo. Once again they're paired together, and when Miki tried to protect a girl from being blasted by Mazurka, Saburou jumped to her while shouting her name in worry.
5. Lastly, during the Goggles' final assault to Deathtopia, these two volunteers themselves to hold down Deathmark's two assistants, Bella and Beth, while Ken'ichi confronts Deathmark and later Fuhrer Taboo. Both ends up killing the assistants for good. (by the way, Kanpei and Kijima chose to hold down their respective enemies on their own)

So in the end, they didn't end up together romantically because it's an old Sentai show, probably not created with romance sub-plot in mind (like in JAKQ. Though as Fantasy Leader said, Goggle V was his first season and he was experimenting which elements to play, so I can see that he'd consider romance subplot something hard to do in his first run, thus it's not until Maskman that he'll include that). If Goggle V was created today, I think there could be more chemistries between Saburou and Miki... same way like Shinkenger's Takeru and Mako (resolved or not is another story that I won't touch.)

Bottom line, yeah, I'd say Saburou has the biggest chance with Miki. It helps that they're both my favorite Goggle V characters, so to say that they're my favorite shipping in the show is obvious. Still, considering romance isn't Sentai's main focus, I'm not very bitter at all.


  1. Yeah, I'd definitely pair Miki with Saburo Aoyama (Blue), for all the reasons you explained.

    BTW, what was that fic you read?

  2. I didn't read the fic. You just mentioned, and I acknowledged. That's it.

  3. I ship Saburo and Miki for the reasons as well but in episode 5 I think that Saburo gained a crush on Miki but I wish Toei allowed people getting together in old shows not newer shows.