Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goggle Pink & Cutey Honey: Based on?

Much after seeing lots of information sites here and there (wikipedia included), I found out that Miki Momozono AKA Goggle Pink is apparently based on the main character of a manga by Go Nagai (of Mazinger Z/Getter Robo's fame): Cutey Honey.

Granted, I haven't even gotten into the Cutey Honey fandom, so I'm more or less limited to the basic knowledge. About Honey can change costumes, is young, etc. And that she debuts first before there was Super Sentai.

Still, when comparing Miki with her... other than the costume change, I can't find any other similarities between Miki and Honey. And if it's costume change that is highlighted... well, as far as I remember, other previous Sentai heroines (Peggy/Momoranger from Goranger, Karen/Heart Queen from JAKQ, both Miss Americas from BFJ and Akira/Denzi Pink from Denziman) are all capable of costume switches for disguises as well, so it's not like Miki is singled out in that department. When she can switch costumes and she is considered to be based on Honey, how come that doesn't apply to the heroines before her? What was the element that makes Miki 'based on' Honey, other than costume switch?

This is one question that has been bugging me for a bit, and I curse my lack of knowledge on Cutey Honey to get to the bottom of this. So if you had answers (especially those who KNOW about Cutey Honey more than the basic info), I'll most appreciate it.


  1. I heard that Miki has some personality traits similar to Honey. Like, something about the style of how they change clothes and stuff like that. That's what I've heard.

  2. Very interesting. You should slip a reference to this in future chapters.