Friday, May 21, 2010

Actors: From Hero To Villain - Contagious

An actor can play a hero one day, and play the villain next day. This holds true in the Super Sentai franchise as well. We've got some actors that played heroes in one installment, and next installment, they might be villains. However, I've also noticed that for Super Sentai, it may get a bit... contagious. If one installment featured a villain played by a hero of the previous installment's actor, one of the heroes of this installment's actors may play a villain in the future installment. Here's the list, or rather, the chain of this.

It started with Sayoko Hagiwara playing as Rei Tachibana/Dyna Pink in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. Then, by Choushinsei Flashman, she played as Ley Nefel, one of the villains.


Flashman features Kihachirou Uemura as Dai/Green Flash. Then in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, he plays the late-coming villain Chevalier.


Fiveman also has Keiko Hayase who plays Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow. Later in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, she ends up playing as one of the Flower Kunoichi Gang, Sakura.

(She's the center one)


While it might ended over there, there's one more from Kakuranger that follows. Hiroshi Tsuchida plays Saizou/Ninja Blue. And later on, on the latter installments of Super Sentai, he tends to guest star as the voice behind some monsters of the week.

(This one's from Shinkenger)


So basically, it's as if the contagiousness started out strong, but as time passed, they are used as a less 'prominent' thing. Ley Nefel was a villain that appeared from the start, Chevalier wasn't present in the initial lineup of Fiveman villains, the Flower Kunoichi Gang, while recurring, weren't such big guns in the ranks of Daimaou's army and don't have much of personalities to write home about, and... the ones voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida are just monster of the weeks, except maybe the recurring one in Dekaranger (Hells), but he didn't last very long (though he did get one episode arc), and probably the rest of the monsters he voiced only lasts one episode. We do not know if this would mean that in future Sentai series, they may pick one of the casts of Shinkenger to be a villain or sort. Hey, it could happen.


  1. Hiroshi Tsuchida has also played MOTWs in "Dekaranger" (as Reversian Blitz Hells, the eldest and most evil of the Three Hells Siblings), "Magiranger" (as Hades Beastman Ninja Kirikage, he's in the episode where the gang goes to Kyoto), and "Gekiranger" (as Makirika, the first Rinrishi that the Geki team faced)

  2. In ep28 of Fiveman, when Chevalier first appeared, the song he sang when he first made himself known to the Hoshikawa (Fiveman) siblings was, of course, entitled 'Hero' and it was originally sung by Kai Band. It's ironic that Kihachirou Uemura had earlier played Dai/Green Flash. Fiveman in general, of course, is a lot like Flashman - three boys and two girls growing apart from their parents, having a white robot mentor, and longing to be reunited with their parents. Differences include the fact that the Fiveman are siblings, whereas their Flashman predecessors are not, and those having watched Flashman only got to see Sara/Yellow Flash's real family the Tokimuras (father Doctor Tokimura, mother Setsuko, and sisters Kaori and Midori).