Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Poll Result & New Polls

Welp, sorry for not updating the poll long after it's gone... at any rate,  the results are in.

The results of the poll about Goggle V is...

-Best. Sentai. Ever
1 (7%)
-I love it for real. Awesome! Even if there are newer Sentai, it's still high on my list!
  2 (15%)
-It's good, but there's a lot better Sentais out there
  8 (61%)
-Uh, what is Goggle V? I never watch, I never bother.
  1 (7%)
-Bad... though I've seen worse
  0 (0%)
-It sucks. ChrisX, what are you thinking, obsessing this?
  1 (7%)

From a total of 13 votes. Well I guess my hunch is true that it's rather underrated. Many would call good, but too many new bloods, which also improves its formula is on the plate, and I really can't blame them. Oh well, I may as well just hold this nostalgia feeling and always appreciate the series as it is. Just as long as people don't constantly refer it as a team of gymnasts...

Anyway, didn't I say 'New Polls'? Yes. In a short time, I'll be making a series of polls of favorite characters in a Sentai team, to see who's the top 2 characters in each team. Then maybe each team will duke it out on the ultimate favorite. And I'm not going to limit to the ones I've watched only. Even the non-watched one (Goranger, for example) gets its place. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. I only need to watch like... the last 2 episodes to complete Goggle V. But overall, I thought it was pretty decent. Nothing groundbreaking, but it has its moments of coolness. I liked the cast, even if they didn't have a lot of chemistry. The concept behind the villains was interesting, they just didn't have a lot of presence. It was good to see Soda's first work in sentai, though, even if it was just a standard show.

    Not my least favorite, but not a huge favorite of mine. I would have voted for the third option, probably.