Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winners of Poll #1 and Poll #2 begins!

The first five team favorites are in... Here are the scores and the winners:

GORANGER (11 Votes)
Both Tsuyoshi and Peggy won with both 7 votes! Well of course, THE original red and THE original pink would be the most popular. Tailing far behind them is Akira with 3 votes... surprising that even Hiroshi Miyauchi's popularity didn't help him much, but then again his popularity begins in the next series. Daita and Kenji got only 2 votes, while Daigorou got 0 (that was pretty sad, but then again when the replacement was just completely temporary, I guess it can't be helped)

JAKQ (12 Votes)
Soukichi takes a leaping lead with 10 votes! Oh boy... I guess it'd be expected that people know Big One more than the JAKQ and it didn't help that when Big One appears, he took over and beforehand, JAKQ's rating was failing. Regardless, Gorou and Karen are second place with 2 votes, I guess because they are responsible for the first instance of Sentai canon romance...

Shirou leads with 8 votes. Guess being played by Kenji Ohba totally helps, plus he reappears in Gokaiger. Tailing behind him is Kyousuke (6 votes) for... um, I'll leave it to his voters. Masao and Kensaku are 5 votes together, with Maria behind them for 4 votes, Makoto for 3 votes and 1 vote for Diane.

DENZIMAN (13 Votes)
And it's a tie between Daigorou and Tatsuya in 8 votes! I guess Daigorou for the Kenji Ohba factor, and Tatsuya for being the token 'cool loner guy'? Well, I wouldn't know. Jun goes second place with 4 votes, while Akira was surprisingly 2 votes... but then Ippei got 0 votes! My God, what's wrong with the Red of this series? Too standard? I'll never know I guess...

SUN VULCAN (13 Votes)
A very similar situation with JAKQ. Takayuki takes a leaping lead with 10 votes! With Asao just 3 votes, Kin'ya 2 votes... and Ryuusuke got no votes like Ippei. I suppose Takayuki just overshadowed his predecessor? Wonder how... but regardless, he won.

Images courtesy of Super Sentai Time Capsule.

Now enjoy the votes from Goggle V to Flashman!


  1. I think most of the voters just voted on who appeared in Gokaiger rather than who was their favorite from the each series.

  2. ^
    I guess, but in the case of Kenji this is understandable (He's really cool as Shirou and Daigorou in both BFJ and Denjiman). I'm actually a bit surprised that he didn't win by a landslide, like in the case of Big One.

    Anyway, I voted for Kyousuke/ Battle France, Tatsuya/ Denzi green and Hyou / VulPanther

  3. Of course Big One would win. xD

    Battle Fever is pretty balanced out.

    Tatsuya was like, the original badass of sentai! =D He was great. Just too bad he had to be stuck with such a bland cast imo.

    Takayuki's actor went on to play Hakumenrou in Kakuranger, so he's awesome in my book. xD