Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger - First Impressions

Hello once again, people. At this moment, I'm suddenly starting up on watching Gaoranger.

First off, my impression is at least the fight scenes were pretty good from the 1st 2 episodes, the 'attack names' appearing when they attack is kind of similar, but less silly than the ones in Kakuranger. But I really could see shades of Gingaman when they fight. I mean, drag your enemy on the ground and smash them somewhere? Really reminds me of Ginga Yellow's style. Also, Gao White and her 'drop down from tree and scratch' REALLY reminds me of another style by Ginga Pink. Haja Hyakujuuken will be something different, though from what I heard, I probably would expect that they go back to the usual cannon finisher. But a giant sword finisher is a good concept.

As far as character goes, the characters I'll definitely watch out for would be mainly Gaku (Yellow) and Sae (White). From what I heard from that youtube video on Gaku's Engrish, his barrage of Engrish probably won't come until 21, but I'll have the chance to grasp on his other characteristics. I really have no say on Kai and Soutarou, or probably Kakeru, but I'm definitely checking them out.

Since I watched Linkara's HOPR and got to Wild Force, I actually smiled when I see Kakeru trying to 'speak with the Orgs, but fail because they have no heart', since it reminds me of that one section Cole attempted the same to WF Orgs. I'll stop comparing, but I'll know that some things similar would make me smile. No say on who's going to be better, but I've got decent expectation on Kakeru.

The music is... a mixed bag so far. I'm normal with the ending song, but I... don't like the opening. It's just... ugh, hard to describe on how it's like, but I don't like it. But it's stuck in my head like an ear worm! Gah, maybe it'll grow on me, like the Hurricaneger song? Whatever. But of course my favorite piece is whenever they do their role call, the one later used in Gao vs SS. It was TRULY the awesome piece from Gaoranger, and when I write my fic and it's time for role call, I put on that music for more epic feel. It's just THAT good.

I'll keep watching, and who knows, it can impress me very much and I may add further stuffs from Gaoranger in my fic.


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