Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Sentai S.O.B 2: Long

Radiguet: ............ I consider myself a man of complete depravity. A man who has a nasty sadism and enjoys seeing my enemies, especially humans, suffer before I snuff the life out of them, laughing like a madman all the way. A man who's completely monstrous and takes pride of being considered to be the undisputed champion of the most evil villains of the Super Sentai franchise...


.... UNTIL TODAY...!!
When that position was CHALLENGED by a gold haired immortal brat, who can turn into a giant multi-headed dragon! This is the little bastard who thinks he can challenge my position of the most evil character in the Super Sentai franchise..........


*cue the Scare Chord!*

Okay, that's enough sitcom from Radiguet who feels like his position of most evil villain has been threatened. And I'd like to thank the Nostalgia Critic for his videos and jokes, which inspired the poor, uncreative me to follow him, the leader.

Now back to the topic at hand.

So anyway, yes... I've finished watching Gekiranger and most of the part, I feel almost the same utter revilation whenever Long makes his entrance. Not only he's cruel and uncaring, he's always there with that smug smile planted on his face. So, what makes him so despicable that he could match Radiguet?

Unlike Radiguet who's more of the action type, Long is more of the manipulative type. And that's no less despicable. His background can be summed up with this:

"I'm immortal. Bored. Now. Let's destroy the world for fun!"

That's it! No explanation of why he's immortal, which makes it much more annoying for the Gekirangers to deal. Long cannot die or be killed. He can only be sealed, and in time, he would rise back again. Maybe that's why he's so smug.

So basically, with him getting bored being the immortal with great power he is, Long decided that he's not gonna destroy the world by his own hand, he's going to make SOMETHING that destroys the world, while he watches. He probably took note on Agent Abrellar from Dekaranger that if one world is destroyed, he can move on to another, and mess up the people there. That something is the GenJyuOh, the Destroyer.

Looking at the Jyuken school, Long set his plans in motion. He tried persuading one of Brusa Ii's student, the finest one there is; Maku, to the evil side, destroying all his attachment to the world, making him a twisted student who likes to prove him as the strongest and make humans suffer and bow down to his might. And killed his master too. Too bad for Long, Maku turns out to be too wild, and thus he can't be made the GenJyuuOh, so he ends up forming the RinJyuuKen style, along with Kata and Rageku, and then the Seven Kensei developed GekiJyuuKen and sealed them, now deeming them Kenma, 'Fist Demons'.

Long decided to pick someone else for the job. He attacked a family with a boy named Rio, and killed everyone except the boy, traumatizing the boy. Master Shafu, one of the Kensei, picked Rio up and took him as a student as Rio developed an unhealthy obsession of becoming stronger. He soon took up GekiJyuKen and marvels the White Tiger Dan as his rival. Since he can't surpass him, Rio ends up taking RinJyuKen instead.

Meanwhile, for some LOLs, Long visited the village where Dan came from and then destroyed it, killing Dan's wife Nami, after she sent our hero, Jan, away. This event traumatized Jan so much that he lost his memories, found by Pandas, and become the jungle boy we see of him. Then, Long hurts Dan a bit, so when Rio challenged him, he ended up dead due to the wounds and Rio's victory felt empty. This culminates so much that Rio took up the mantle of the Lord of RinJyuuDen, waging his war on humanity so he can get stronger and stronger and stronger... Meanwhile, Long took Dan's corpse and turned him into his mute servant, Suugu.

Long hid in the shadow for quite some time, until he reappeared in front of Rio's trusted servant, Mele. He gave vague hints about the revived Kenma, the souls of Jyuken from Brusa Ii, which culminates to their deaths and Rio reigning supreme again... and then, Long shows up again, becoming Rio's servant and giving him GenJyuuKen, driving him to get even stronger again. But alas, Jan came back as GekiRed and beat Rio. On frustration that he lost everything, Rio almost become the GenJyuOh that Long dreamed for, but that was interrupted by Mele, who turns out to be Rio's remaining attachment. Right after that, Long decided to spend his time planting on how he manipulated EVERYTHING and did it for his own fun. And that's... despicable.

Decidedly, Long kidnapped Mele and tortured her, and he personally hoped that Rio is watching so he'd turn back into GenJyuOh. That didn't work and the combination of the GekiJyuKen users and RinJyuKen users finally destroyed Long...


They forgot that when Long said he's immortal, he said the truth. So he came back, killed Mele, forced Rio to sacrifice himself in vain. However, Rio left behind the Gekirangers one secret technique: A sealing technique, which they used on Long, now having to spend eternity sealed in the dark. He's back at the Go-onger vs Gekiranger crossover, and his appearance made both Rio and Mele forego the chance of living happily in afterlife , asking Shafu, along with Go-on Gold and Silver to resurrect them at cost of being condemned forever. But they did beat and seal Long again with the Gekirangers and Go-ongers.

So, there you have it, the one I'd consider one of the biggest bastards in Super Sentai. I thought Radiguet is unmatched in that terms, but Long manages to nearly surpass him. He's a dirty, manipulative bastard who prefers to let other people do his dirty job, while he watches while smiling and grabbing some pop corn. Although Radiguet doesn't just manipulate, he also takes thing onto his own hands, which I guess makes him ahead of Long. But still, it doesn't take away the fact that Long is a complete S.O.B.

Now let's see who else are the S.O.B's of Sentais that I can talk about...


  1. Send Long into the farthest end of the universe.

    That way, he wouldn't bother the Earth for a VERY LONG TIME.

  2. Long is definitely one of the most evil villains in the franchise.