Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Sentai Crowning Moment Of Awesome 2: Goggle V

And now we're back to another Crowning Moment of Awesome post. And now, we venture to a moment of awesome from an older series. One that TERRIBLY needs more love, and I dare to say that I probably talked the most about, while most other blogger I know (no offense) has little to say about it. I am of course talking about Dai Sentai Goggle V.

This awesome moment can be seen at Episode 39.

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What's on this episode: Deathdark deploys a monster that traps people in a devilish diary, mostly spreading the diary like a normal one to the children. A friend of Miki's Computer Girl also got the diary, and after realizing what might happen, Miki went after the friend and managed to save him... but got trapped into the diary instead, and her friends too late to save her. The monster tracked her down in the diary and tied her up, so Deathmark can burn the book, which would generate fire to her surrounding and she could do nothing except wait for death. Still, Miki is a persistent girl, so she managed to burn the ropes tying her and attempts to destroy the source of the trap, an owl figure latching on a tree... then a cage was dropped to her. Still, she picked up the remnants of the rope, which was partially made of steel, destroyed the owl, and in process got out of the book while it exploded.

Reasons of awesome: Well, what can I say about this scene? This pretty much cements my liking on Miki. I've seen this since I was a kid, surrounded with other medias that portray women to be weak... and Miki just pretty much gave a boot to the head for that notion. It's even more awesome when you realize that her friends tried to get her out of the book, but Deathmark made the book indestructible, and they're pretty much fearful that she'd die. Then Miki just got out using her own wits and actions, despite previously being restrained from free movement (TWICE, in fact!). Reeks of awesome without being feminist altogether.

And thus, that's another of the Crowning Moment of Awesome I've covered. Tune in next time for more awesome of Super Sentai.

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  1. This is one big reason for why Miki is so awesome! :D