Friday, June 25, 2010

Most Common Hottest Sentai Heroines

In Super Sentai, it's more common that the heroines are more properly dressed, while villainesses get more sexy dresses. Still, it doesn't stop that some heroines are still damn hot even without sexy dresses. I've observed quite on the Sentai fandom, and I would say that some heroines are more common to be called 'Hottie'. Maybe it's because of their pretty face, or beautiful hair, but... it doesn't quite matter. These are the heroines who I think to be more common to be called 'hot' by fans, mostly those who come from the Sentai series after the turn of the millenium (2000s and forward).

This does NOT portray my feelings on who's the hottest girl in my mind. In fact, I have a different list for my selected hotties.

1. Yuuri/Time Pink (Mirai Sentai Timeranger)

Well, what can I say about Yuuri. Considering that many people of the new millenia started the Sentai series in either Dekaranger, or this... They held her quite highly in attractiveness. It also helps that she is one of the few girls that take actual team leadership, and is a Tsundere, a popular character archetype. This probably contributes on why people consider her hot.

2. Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue (Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger)

I... really haven't touched Hurricaneger at all. But, just one name from it would instill instant squee: Nanami Nono AKA Hurricane Blue. It's mostly thanks to her actress, Nao Nagasawa, who's quite popular amongst the fandom, and yes... I do have to admit that she's really pretty.

3. Marika 'Jasmine' Reimon/Deka Yellow (Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger)

Okay, as I said, Jasmine was my most favorite Yellow Sentai heroine. And yes, she's hot, precisely her actress Ayumi Kinoshita. She's quite the fan favorite amongst the team, considered really beautiful, and the fact that many people started on Sentai with Dekaranger (since it's the first to be subbed completely), Jasmine pretty much became quite the fan favorite and one considered hottest.

4. Sakura Nishinori/Bouken Pink (GoGo Sentai Boukenger)

This is also one of the great candidates of hottest Sentai babe ever. I mean, not only Haruka Suenaga (Sakura's actress) is REALLY a looker, she also gives a good portrayal of Sakura, a twist on the usually girly Pink Sentai warriors: tough as nails instead of cute and feminime, though she has some cute moments and when that happens, Haruka Suenaga usually makes that REALLY adorable.

5. Miu Sutou/Go-On Silver (Engine Sentai Go-Onger)

This is also one of the more popular choices of hottest Sentai babes. Miu gets her credit of hotness not just on her contrast towards the Go-ongers (more serious personality), or her actress (Yumi Sugimoto), but also the fact that she takes lessons in Tsundere department from Yuuri, making her much more hot in the eyes of fans.

I would add the Shinkenger, but right now I can't decide who qualifies more; Mako or Kotoha, both of them has quite the competiting fanbase that I can't pick both of them. We'll see. Also, I almost considered Mele from Gekiranger; but since she started out as a villainess, which means by default she gets her sexy wear, she's written out from this observation.

So anyway, that's my report on who are the most commonly revered as 'Hottest Sentai babe' as of today. And if you want me to do the 'cutest' instead? Well, I'll wait until later.

And this is just my observation, so there may be... mistakes. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'll see ya later!


  1. Mako seems to be the more popular of the Shinkenger girls just because she gets more character focus and because just about all western fans ship Takeru/Mako (boo!!) It seems to be the standard thing in Sentai that Pink or White is the leading lady and the other girl on the team gets ignored.

    Older Sentai had some pretty hot babes too. MomoRanger, the first ever female Ranger, was gorgeous and then we had Pink Mask, White Swan, NinjaWhite, Change Mermaid, MegaYellow ...

  2. Agreed, but I think they're not as much talked as those above. Or making it to the 'Top hotties' discussion (the general ones, doesn't have to be limited to 'Hotties before 2000').

  3. I don't know, a lot of people seem to like Pink Mask at least ;)

  4. Jasmine, Nanami, Sakura, and Miu would make my top 5 list for the hottest Sentai heroine. Chisato would make my top 5 instead of Yuuri. I also think both Magiranger girls (Houka and Urara) and Mei from Zyuranger are a lot cuter than they're given credit for.

  5. Of course Jasmine made it on here. xD

  6. why isn't Moune/goseiyellow on here? she was the hottest(well to me anyway) untill Luka came

  7. Anyone fell in love with Sakura when they were like eight? I was eight in 2009 when I first watched Boukenger!