Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Top 6 Sentai Green Warriors

Here be my Top 6 Green Warriors of Sentai...

6. Dai/Green Flash (Choushinsei Flashman)

Again, this is due to the lack of me watching Flashman, but I would say that Dai could've been one of my top. He's a pretty bad ass guy, especially once you realize what kind of training he's been through. He looks like an average guy, but can knock down walls with ease like a raging bull. Deep down, he's not really some silent guy or some bad mofo, he's actually a pretty softie. That's quite the plus on him and since I had a hard time in deciding faves in Green Warriors, I'd say Dai really deserves the position #6.

5. Burai/Dragon Ranger (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)

All right, all right, stop aiming your guns to me! Okay, I like a lot more characters than Burai, but I won't hide that the fact that he's COOL. First off, his intense storyline, it makes you pity him, it makes his death even more heartwrenching. For all the bad and hatred he's trying to make himself out at first, he gets better, becomes a good big bro for Geki. He's a pretty tragic character too, when he thought he could get all honky-dory with his brother again, news arrived that he just had limited time. Combined with how much of a bad ass he is when he fights, and the Dragonzord... err, Dragon Caesar that he controls, Burai secured the #5 place. And don't ask me on who I like better: Burai or Tommy. I don't want to anger both sides.

4. Chiaki Tani/Shinken Green (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)

Yeah, if you notice, every single Shinkenger starting lineup characters get picked into the list. And as far as Chiaki go, he's a pretty fun guy, in a 'jerk' way. He's a rather carefree, obnoxious boy, always wanting to surpass Takeru, but later on, we see him develop and respect Takeru on his own way. He also likes coming up with unique ways to beat the opponent, like how he makes use of the monster that switches souls to inanimate objects. Above all, I also like his interaction with Kotoha, he shows his kinder side a lot to him, though that's gonna expand to the rest of the team, which is good. Overall, Chiaki might not be my favorite Shinkenger character, but he's still a great Green Sentai warrior, and that gives him the #4 position.

3. Daigo/Shishi Ranger (Gosei Sentai Dairanger)

Yes, it's still 'In Progress' as well, but I foresee that I might like Daigo a lot (second to Lin, that is). Just a few episodes and I'm already quite awed on what he's done so far: smashing his rod on the enemy groin a lot, chewing out the team for not taking their duties seriously (REALLY EPIC AND WELL DESERVED) and his illusionary skills, which would spice up a lot of fun in battle. I've also heard about a possible love story sub plot for him, which I haven't seen, but so far, Daigo was a real serious dude, he could even pass up as a red ranger (but he didn't). Overall, I'd say he deserves the position #3 for now... but he may want to be careful if in the future either his position drops... or rises.

2. Sen'ichi Enari/Deka Green (Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger)

Nice guy personified. Sen-chan is one of the nicest guy on the planet if you do not seriously piss him off, whereas he would become a raging person hell bent on making the evildoer pay. Beware the nice ones, huh. But I like that in him. Other than that, I would say that his handstand position is one of his most unique things, I mean, who can think straight when they're handstanding? Yep, just Sen. It also provides humor for those who doesn't know what it means (Ask Houka from Magiranger). Lastly, I do find his relationship with Umeko adorable, and with all things considered, it's safe to say that Sen-chan is my #2 favorite Green Sentai warrior...

1. Mele (Juken Sentai Gekiranger)

All right, all right! Like Rio, she really doesn't officially become 'GekiGreen' (as Jan coined). Still, Mele reeks of awesome, she pretty much is my favorite 'token female villainess', though only because she's deeper than the normal ones and redeemed herself thanks to her love with Rio. Speaking of love, I find it great that she is able to switch voices quickly depending on the situation, when she's dealing with her monsters or the Gekirangers, she sounded like a cold bitch, but if the situation is about Rio, she's all lovey-dopey like a lovestruck girl. It does help that she inherits most of the villainesses' trait of dressing sexily, but proves to be good eventually. As well as being unique as the first female 'Green', Mele pretty much takes the cake of being my #1 favorite Green Sentai warrior. (And hey, she and Rio did pose with an explosion during Go-onger vs Gekiranger while joining the "We're Super Sentai!" yell!)

And thus, my 'Favorite Green warriors' list ended. White might have to wait a little, longer, I apologize, but I hope you enjoy the reading. Now I'll see you later.

P.S: Once again, special thanks for the actors/actress to portray these characters. Namely; Yuka Hirata, Yosuke Ito, Tatsuya Noumi, Shogo Suzuki, Shiro Izumi and Kihachirou Uemura. You're all awesome.

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  1. Green is often associated with inexperience, as many of the Green Rangers are the youngest member of the team, but it can also be a bad-ass color as well, as proven with such warriors as Dai, Burai (LOL at the "stop aiming your guns at me" bit), and Daigo.

    And it might be a bit tough to do a top six of White since there are only about 10 White Rangers in Super Sentai (give or take, depending on your point of view).