Monday, October 3, 2011

*sigh* Bloody Roar series...

Okay, here's a non-Sentai post and I have to say... I'm pretty pissed off.
It's a fighting game series with a lot of basis in combo. The main catch is that the whole cast is a werebeast. From werelions, weretigers, werelions, wererabbits, weremoles, weregorillas... Well we call that 'Zoanthrope' here. The story follows something like X-Men where you replace 'Mutant' with 'Zoanthrope'. The game itself held its own, with good comboing system and some good character designs. It's made by Hudsonsoft, which eventually went to close its doors and merge with Konami, leaving the series eventually orphaned.

Well, just a few days ago, a twitter account of Hudsonsoft came in and said Bloody Roar will get a new title, which would mean we get a new BR game. After the disastrous BR4, it's going to be a continuity reboot. Of course, we're all overjoyed, we hoped it to be true...

And then just recently, it's been announced that it's a hoax. The twitter account was posing as Hudsonsoft and played a big trolling game to us all.


To these days, this is why I really really hate Trolls. They serve nothing but to sew discord and chaos amongst us just for their own amusement. And that's why I really are abhorred with trolling characters (e.g: Terumi from BlazBlue, Basco from Gokaiger)... No offense, but that's just me.

A pity about BR though, it's always going to be one of the series I'd consider a classic. Sweet, good memories.

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