Monday, September 12, 2011

Gokaiger 29: Ahim is AWESOME!

(Note: Will change the picture later. Probably add some more. Yeah.)

So yeah, I think this episode is really a testament of why I really like Ahim. She certainly shows that she's just a hardass as the other pirates all while she's all prim and proper and graceful. It does give out more insights about her. While she acts sweet and all, it was both genuine and a bit of a mask to cover her inner self, the more seductive, daring one. She completely got Gai on the bonkers during the wedding scene. Hell, who can blame her? This is just my opinion but Ahim thus far has the sexiest wedding dress thus far. Her schoolgirl, nurse and policewoman are really fine too, it is always great to see her hair down or in a ponytail like the nurse.

And at least she also knew when things just went too far. Especially the Abare Pig costume. It was kind of cute of her getting embarrassed like that.

Well the episode eventually ends with the Gokaigers seeing Ahim's transformation. What does Ahim do? Get embarrassed. Apparently this gives out a certain hidden depth for her: Why would she be embarrassed when her daring side was revealed, to her own ALLIES at that? Was she trying to keep the picture of 'I am sweet, prim and proper princess' to her teammates? And why? Thus adds a mystery further in Ahim's personality and mind.

Of course most importantly, this episode shows Ahim's wits in the fullest extent. Before morphing, Ahim was practically suckering the monster from day one with her disguises. Hell, before disguising, she DID sucker the monster with the bug spray. I'd say that this episode lifts up my opinion on Ahim further and hopefully, she won't lose in popularity with Luka (not that I dislike her. She's great, but... well Ahim was just awesome at episode 29).

I guess if I make a Top 5 Pink Sentai Warriors again in the future, you can see Ahim somewhere in the list.


  1. Ahim was awesome in that episode. Pure entertainment. :D

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