Thursday, October 27, 2011

BlazBlue: A defense of a certain character

Well, to be honest, I really like this series outside Sentai series. It's a growing and good fighting game, fast paced and such. Unfortunately a certain incident scarred me to play this game again. Something about a character betrayal and making said character look against my expectation of goodness. I know, I've talked about her a bit...

A year has passed.

I've gotten a little better and ended up writing an essay on how people are easily blinded to hate her and make up reasons to make her look more evil and jerk. Therefore, I present you...

My defense for her.

If any of you played BlazBlue, let me know how you think about the writeup AND the character. Thank you.


  1. Uh...does that mean you have no defense for her? I ask because the link you have for "My defense for her." leads to a 404.

  2. Link fixed. Go see it again... Thanks.

  3. I agree with this a lot mostly with the part about her being human. There are also good signs that things could work out since Lotte did talk to her. I dont think what she did is stupid because during her story it is true that no one was helping her. She couldnt save her friend and now she cant save herself. Its life or death and she wants Lotte to be save and she wants to stay alive.

  4. It was still a foolish move, and she admitted it too. On first look, she already knew Hazama is a real shady person and will more likely to betray her, but she decided that she has to bet on it, right now it's 'continue with the only option of bad decision' or 'rage quit, wither and die'.

    The problem is, the haters expect her to realize he's a Complete Monster extraordinary while she has just little information aside of 'shady'. And they consider it that no one in the right mind would help a Complete Monster, so they question Litchi's sanity and brain. But as I said, sanity and brain needs to be questioned when other GOOD and REASONABLE choices (aside of rage quitting) are available, yet the picked option is the bad one over the good ones. In which case, the only option available is the bad one. The act of trusting a Complete Monster is pretty stupid on its own, but when that was the only option available, it's not quite that stupid.

    And as usual, haters tends to gloss that out. But that's why my article exists, so they don't easily gloss it out.