Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TV Tropes Five Man Band inconsistence - Timeranger and Time Force

I'll be honest that I haven't watched both Timeranger and Time Force. But communications between Sentai goers over there is pretty scarce, I may as well bring it here. Plus FL and Mr. Smith do occasionally trope. So anyway, this is one headscratcher that REALLY BUGS ME to the point of ripping my hair off.

So according to the Timeranger article, the spot of The Chick goes to Yuuri/Time Pink and The Lancer goes to Ayase/Time Blue. Sounds fine... considering Yuuri is the token girl and Ayase is the token 'cool guy'. However, the catch is that she is also the leader, making her also taking shots at The Lancer (kinda like Koichiro from Megaranger).

Cue Power Rangers Time Force, which can be said as a real close adaptation to Timeranger. There, it's blatantly said that Jen (Yuuri counterpart) is The Lancer, while Lucas (Ayase counterpart) is The Chick. Jen because she's the actual leader, Lucas because... he's an Ill Man. Same like Ayase!

What went wrong here? If Ayase was also an Ill Man and Yuuri was also the actual leader of Timeranger, wouldn't it make sense that Yuuri IS the Lancer and Ayase IS the Chick, not the other way around? Or the reverse in Time Force, Jen IS the Chick while Lucas IS the Lancer. Where's the difference here?? I do hope Timeranger/Time Force watchers can clear things up about this...

Thanks for letting me rant a bit.

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