Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sentai Females Who I Think Are My Fave Amongst The Team

Based on Mr Smith's post over here, I am inspired to make up my own list. Just as a warning, this is completely opinion based and you probably won't agree (and you probably will). But I am a man entitled to my own opinions.

1. Miki Momozono

Well OF COURSE this has to happen. Miki is overall my favorite Sentai lady ever. She may be physically weak, but she makes it up with her intelligence, cunningness and personality, as well as taking multiple levels of great competence (especially that Episode 39). Yeah, I do officially believe she is my fave Goggle V ever.

2. Sayaka Nagisa

Thus far, the finest White Sentai warrior that I've watched (haven't gotten to Gaoranger yet, sorry). I liked her prim and proper attitude combined with her brains. Plus her voice's really cute and stands out. I also like that despite being the token girly girl, she held her emotion in check better (no offense to Yuuma who freaked out at that time).

3. Megumi Misaki

Well as of Liveman, taking out the factor about how Yuusuke is the one more known to public due to reappearance in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai, I'd say Megumi is one of my faves in Liveman. Not because of her being the first female Blue ever, but let's face it... most of the dramatic tensions of Liveman came from her, and when she cried, it hits right on the intended parts.

4. Remi Hoshikawa

Well if anyone stands out in Fiveman (And you pretty much would agree), it's her. Remi's is pretty fiery and cheery, but she's more known for her martial arts skill. Her drunken fist is nice, but I like it when she shows off her cunningness, especially that panty flashing episode. And she still remains cheery despite not knowing the face of her parents.

5. Mei

Okay, in most people's eyes, probably Zyuranger is viewed as bland, and so is Mei. Well... I don't think so. She's a really nice addition to the team and I find myself liking her episodes more than the Burai arcs. I see her having a lot of potentials that would be overshadowed with Burai, but I don't really mind. She's dedicated, she's sweet, she's determined as hell, tough and girly in the same time. And she's so cute, she practically defines Sentai Moe (I think).

6. Chisato Jougasaki

People probably remember Miku more, but I like the composed Chisato better. She's sweet, but also sometimes prone to some witty, sarcastic comments. And she's a real good singer too, and aside of that, she's also the one girl who is not only smart but is also good at games (the middle road between Kenta and Kouichirou!)

7. Sakura Nishihori

Ah, Sakura-neesan. I will DEFINITELY agree and brofist with Sean when I say 'Sakura is hot'. But hotness isn't the only thing I like about her, she's hard-ass, tough and really different from the usual girly pinks out there. She developed a lot from someone who only cared about her missions, as Satoru said, she has a great smile that only she possesses, and when it shows, it was beautiful. There's also an emotional moment when she genuinely cried on Eiji's apparent demise and subsequently delivered a cathartic beatdown to Gai. Yeah, we know about the 'armed with guns' episode, but Sakura does stand out the most as one of my fave Pinks.

8. Mele

Yeah, she's just an extra ranger and starts out villain even. But hell, Mele is one of the more developed villains and it keeps the Gekiranger interesting. Since she starts out villain, she's able to get a sexy outfit from get-go, but aside of that, I like her bipolar attitude of starting out cold hearted with other minions, but is a complete fangirl on Rio-sama, one that was genuine and proves great for her character development. Her eventual road to redemption and sacrificing her life for the Gekirangers are really great, and not swaying over her loyalty on Rio, so it was all great.

You probably are wondering why I did not include some, but here's some honorable mentions, when females just got on second place because I like another guy more. Or other reasons.

1. Rei Tachibana

She may be rather deep-sounding, but for deep-sounds, it sounds cute enough. Plus, I think Rei sets the standard about 'girls as tough as guys' what with her carrying rapier everywhere. Her unresolved fear of cats are also hilarious. But she's here because she had to compete with Ryu Hoshikawa for my fave Dynaman.

2. Saya

I just heard her from other information, haven't watched Gingaman fully. But from what I see about her, she looks great and on the way to be my favorite Gingaman. She's strong, losing her boyfriend like that and not even blaming anyone and keeping a normal face most of the time. And aside of her toughness of mentality, she can also be sweet. So yeah, if only I finished Gingaman, she might've been on the above list.

3. Marika 'Jasmine' Reimon

Everyone pretty much listed why they love Jasmine. Tall, sexy, sarcastic, witty, dark past... need we say more? I'll not say much about Jasmine, not because I don't have any, but everyone else have spoken for her. But she's not amongst the above girls because if I have a favorite Dekaranger, that'd be Houji.

4. Mako Shiraishi

Mako somehow defines what I see the best at female characters these days. Aside of tough, she's also nurturing, caring, a big sister figure to all. Even Takeru. (Do I have a siscon or something? Then again, I have no real life big sis). Aside of looking really stunning and beautiful, there's also the hilarity that is her horrid cooking (Yeah, look at that knife she's holding in the pic...). Again, she's not amongst the main list because I equally like Takeru as well.

5. Ahim de Famille

Everyone is on and on about Luka, but Ahim always held a special spot in my opinion (not that I think Luka is bad, she's awesome, just not on my fave list). Sweet, cute and kind, while being a badass princess at the same time. That kidnapper episode really seals the deal on her awesomeness. Again, she's not in the main place because she has a competition for favorite. No, not Marvelous or Luka, but Joe.

Well that'll be all from me, hope you got a good read!


  1. Nice list. :D Hmmm, I nearly thought about adding an honorable mentions to my list, but decided not to. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yuuma Oozora/ChangePegasus, one of the male members of the Changeman team of 1985, was played by Shiro Izumi, aka Burai of Zyuranger!