Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ChrisX's Top 11 Super Sentai Opening

Hello again after a longass time not posting at all. This is pretty simple. I'm going to sort out what I think to be my favorite opening pieces of Super Sentai. For shows mostly aimed at kids, they have a lot of awesome songs. So I'm gonna count down my Top 11 Super Sentai openings. Why top 11? Because, again, in the immortal words of the Nostalgia Critic, we have to take one step beyond.

11. Dai Sentai Goggle V

Despite this being my fave nostalgia Sentai ever, I realize that this is where they pick up the tempo and intensity of the song, despite being considered a 'disco' song. The Sun Vulcan song is catchy, but Goggle V managed to be both catchy and fast-paced in the same time, while still adhering to the limits. This will be perfected later in Dynaman, so it's on the 11th spot.

10. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

New song and it's already cool, it does convey liveliness and free spirit that the Gokaiger embodies. I don't find myself bored with the tunes like "Let's Go, Let's Go-kaiger!", in fact I find it... inspiring to move forward. Awesome.

9. Juken Sentai Gekiranger

It opens with some Chinese instrument, until it explodes with great fast pace. The repetitive 'Geki! Geki!' eventually catch on, as in imagining you punching while it's said. But I guess it is pretty spot-on for the characteristic of Jan, who tends to make up words from his head...

8. Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

This is what I call an improvement over Goggle V's song. Rather than disco, we get more rocking tunes and it's fast-paced and great. In regards, I also find it funny that the song lyrics, if we take it too literally, sounds a bit hilarious. It's as if the singer is saying "DIE DIE DIE DIE DYNAMAN". So... the singer wants the Dynaman dead?

*Ba Dum Tsh!*

Well to be honest, it can also be spelled as "DAI DAI DAI DAI DAINAMAN", in which Dai = Great. So yeah. Still the previous one just sound hilarious, but since it's also catchy, it's number 8.

7. Kousoku Sentai Turboranger

This breezily catchy song accompanies the high school road of the Turborangers. Uncovering mysteries to the world, and kicking Bouma ass. I like the song, but when turned to instrument, this gets really kickass. Turborangers' instruments, IMO, are one of my personal faves.

6. Choujuu Sentai Liveman

Well many people agree this is one of the more kickass Sentai songs and I have to agree. It has explosiveness, youth, fire (err...) and the feel of drama in spite of that. I dunno, I just feel that way. Just too bad that Daisuke Shima's singing tune is only limited to the opening, not with Yuusuke actually singing.

5. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Well what can I say? Psychic Lover kicks ass. This song combines a lot from Japanese instruments and rocking pieces that makes Samurai stuffs epic. Starting from the "Chan-chan-bara" to the actual lyrics itself, it is a real fast pace and awesome piece.

4. Choujin Sentai Jetman

This is the last opening of Sentai to be ever sung by the legendary Hironobu Kageyama of the JAM Project. While it wasn't as rocking/epic as the further entry below, it still has the catchy and the fast pace typical to Hironobu Kageyama, and still managed to be epic. "Jetto, Jetto, Jettoman!" Catchy as hell.

3. Mirai Sentai Timeranger

Yes, the one hailed as the most fave opening ever mostly, is just at 3rd place. It's a real kickass piece, I know. And has a lot of epic tunes here. But... well, everyone's different. I love the song and female vocal, but thus far, I have other faves.

2. Hikari Sentai Maskman

Aah yes, I think this is the most epic, kickass, rocking piece Hironobu Kageyama did to Sentai. Punctuated in style of fighting, the electric guitar of this piece are conveyed to be really epic style you won't even believe. Overall, for old school Sentai music, this is probably my fave. But still on number 2. Which one is the number one?

1. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Oh yeah, now we're talking. This is a real epic, fast paced, rocking song that also combines the Engrish in Dekaranger in a good way. After the police siren went off, the epic electric guitar riffs commence and accompanied with the lyrics, it stays on top all the way. When this becomes an instrument, the jazz trumpet also sounds good. This beats out every one of the Sentai songs, IMO, and I really never get tired of listening of this over and over. Bravo, Psychic Lover. Bravo.

Yep, that's all from me. I hope you have a good read. And don't lambast me, though. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.


  1. Nice list, and Nostalgia Critic FTMFW, have you had a chance to check out Suburban Knights, if so what are your thoughts?

  2. Oh it's awesome, but nothing to do with Sentai, so I prefer not to discuss here.

  3. No prob man, what are your thoughts on Gai Ikari so far, I personally like this character, however I don't like the battlizer he's going to get next episode, it looks bad, not as bad as the Gosei Angels Super mode, but it does reach levels of some Power Rangers Battlizers.

  4. Awesome list. Maskman is my #1 favorite. ^__^

  5. Nice list, though I have to admit I'm not really a fan of any of the 80's themes. The styles from that decade just don't fit my taste. Other than that, 6 of these theme songs are among my top 10 favorites.

  6. Daisuke Shima sings two more songs in "Liveman". They are "Ashita ni Ikiruze!", which is the show's ending, and "Utsukushiki Dreamer", which serves as Yuusuke's unofficial image song (in fact, I once made a joke about it when Yuusuke was listening to it on the radio in one of the episodes {I forget which one}).

  7. One can imagine a Fiveman-Dynaman crossover, where the evil Chevalier of the Zone would REALLY take advantage of the Dynaman's opening theme tune by singing "DIE DIE DIE DIE DYNAMAN" to Rei Tachibana/DynaPink, Ryuu Hoshikawa/DynaBlack (no relation to Chevalier's usual enemies the Fivemen!), and the other Dynamen, sounding as if Chevalier would be the one to want all five Dynamen dead...but what Chevalier wouldn't know is that he'd also be mentioning the first name of his own actor Kihachirou Uemura's previous Sentai role as Dai/Green Flash ("dai" means "great" in Japanese) in Flashman (also starring Rei Tachibana's actress, Sayoko Hagiwara, as the leopard-print Mess villainess Ley Nefel), which parallels Fiveman (and vice-versa) in lots of ways: three boys and two girls growing apart from their parents, except the Fivemen are siblings (ahead of the GoGoV and Magirangers surnamed Tatsumi and Ozu respectively) and the Flashmen are not, yet even THEY were Earthlings (despite their bodies adapting to the planets of the Flash Solar System), Sara/Yellow Flash being a daughter of the Tokimura family, with her father as the time-machine inventor as his name means "time machine" in Japanese.

  8. I don't care what anybody else says, but I really love the Carranger OP the most (the first one only). I'm also really fond of the Denjiman, Flashman, Turboranger and GoGo V openings.

    And frankly, I still think that the Dekaranger OP (and the show itself) is quite overrated. It's not bad, though.

  9. mine is
    for opening
    Sentai Favorite Part
    10.Bioman (intro)
    9. Magiranger (go fight magi magi magiranger)
    8. Jetman (Jetto Jetto Jettoman)
    7. Fiveman (12345 Fiveman)
    6. Boukenger (intro)
    5. Gekiranger (intro)
    4. Shinkenger (Chanchanbara chan bara bara)
    3. Dekaranger (chorus)
    2. Gokaiger (Let's Go Let's Go Kaiger)
    1. Go-Busters (Buster Ready Go)

    For Ending


  10. i also want timeranger opening......