Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Sentai Humorous Moment 3: Dekaranger

We now return to yet another funny moment in Super Sentai. This time, about Dekaranger... featuring Umeko/Deka Pink.

This is seen in Episode 12.

So it starts out with Umeko enjoying her bath... when in a sudden, Doggie announces a strangeness that they needed to investigate. In disappointment, Umeko got out of her bath to dress up...

Doggie Kruger was proud with how the Dekarangers were hurrying to the crime scene diligently... until Umeko arrives, her hair not yet cleaned up and there's still the bubbles and shampoo on her hair. Doggie immediately becomes angry and asks what the hell happened to her head. Before Umeko could explain, she snooze... and the bubble on her head flew over to Doggie's mouth.

Umeko's expression was completely deadpan and she puts on her hair... 'hat'... whatever onto Doggie's mouth like it's a place where you hang your clothes for being dried by the sun and entered the tunnel to enter her Deka Machine, while Doggie just stared there doing nothing. She did transform inside and apologized.

And when she arrived at her Deka Machine, she snooze so hard her Deka Machine jumped and surprising Swan on how 'energetic' she was. And that's the last straw for Doggie as he yelled "UMEKOOOO!!!!" to her tunnel and Umeko gave out a hilarious "I'm sorryyyyy!"

The rest of the episode isn't much LOL worthy, but still, Umeko's antics with Doggie Kruger in this episode always crack me up.


  1. I think it would have been really funny if at one time, Umeko accidentally showed up in the Deka Room naked.

    Then again, I don't think even a Japanese kids show would show that.

  2. While that moment was good, a funnier moment occurred in episode 45 of dekaranger, that featured a bisexual alienizer falling for tetsu, that was straight up comedy.

  3. Yeah I like almost all the funny scenes in Dekaranger. Whenever Deka attempted humor it was really funny.

  4. I liked that scene, but it comes from my least favorite dekaranger episode. It's the one episode that I usually stay away when re-watching Deka. And it doesn't help that it had to come right after episode 11 (one of Deka's coolest).
    When I watched the preview for Liveman 31, which had a very similar premise to Deka's 12, I was a bit horrified. To my surprise, it became a very heart-warming episode. IMO, It's miles better than Deka's 12.