Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Super Sentai saved ChrisX

Okay, this is just a moment of outburst that would just last for the moment, but I feel like I wanna express my gratitude to the Sentai franchise for something. Just keep reading.

As I mentioned before, I'm troubled to what transpired in BlazBlue, about my favorite lady betraying the image I had for her. True, I'm slightly getting better and trying to understand. But the world of fiction isn't as merciful. It's like 'depression is the new trend'.

I lately bought the PS3 Mortal Kombat. Good game, a throwback to classic MKs. The Story Mode on the other hand... it's kind of bittersweet to the point of depression. I won't spoil you much as this is a recent game, but I will say that they really went out to make that world (Earthrealm) a crapsack one, with something horrible happening to many heroes and fan favorites, and even the God of Thunder Raiden committing mistakes after mistakes leading up to that horrible thing. It was really depressing, I never thought that 'gory fun' suddenly gets to 'gory seriousness'. Wasn't as bad as my problem with Litchi, but MK takes a new level in depression. You need to play it.

Then comes the PSN outage. Here and there, complains about Sony piled up, especially after the reveal that personal information have been leaked, and PSN is still down for uncertain time. I know it will return back one day, and I don't use Credit Cards, but all this time the complains have been piling up and even if Sony gets back up, it'll have to deal with the loss of reputations, now that many people dislike it for being untrustworthy on the security.

So I opened this blog of mine, looked at the top picture... and then...




Gokaiger movie info, Junichi Haruta, Sayoko Hagiwara and Kenta Satou returning for the movie... NOSTALGIA, HOOO!! (Well, not so much nostalgia when it comes to Dynaman since I just finished watching it the first time, but still it gave me a good appreciation to that show) It was such a wham announcement it made me forget the troubles I'm having in other places. You can bet your ass that when those three (ESPECIALLY Junichi Haruta) appear on screen, even if he's not I'm gonna yell in excitement, like how Nostalgia Critic reacted to 'Frying The Coke'.

I'm pretty sure Sean is psyched with the presence of Ryosuke Sakamoto since I'm pretty sure he's Filipino and Bioman is pretty big in Phillipines, kinda like Goggle V in Indonesia. I'm not quite surprised with the announcement of Naoya Makoto and Hiroshi Miyauchi, though, they're like a must-appear list so it was kind of expected, Akaranger led the Legend War, plus Big One is... well, Big One. Both of them are the biggest names of old school Sentai. Yes I do realize that there's also Keiichi Wada, Mika Kikuchi and Kenji Ohba to count but it's nostalgia we're talking about for the moment.

So yeah, I'd like to thank Sentai for keeping my optimism up. While the world of videogames seem hell bent to make the stories seem pessimistic (though not closed for future improvement), Sentai always kept the optimism, getting my hopes up. Thank you Toku and Sentai!


  1. WTFBBQ? I'm going to bring some WTF Steaks. So psyched!

  2. @ThatChick: Get'em when they're hot ^_^.

  3. LOL.

    Glad something is helping you stay optimistic. ^__^

    All those that are returning are awesome! =D

  4. Dynaman starred both Sayoko Hagiwara AND Jun'ichi Haruta. She played Dyna Pink while he played Dyna Black after playing Goggle Black in Goggle V, so therefore in the Gokaiger movie, as Hagiwara reprises her Dynaman role, Haruta should reprise his Dynaman role too, rather than his Goggle V one. As for one of the Dynaman villains, namely General Kar, his own actor was veteran martial arts film actor Masashi Ishibashi, who also appeared in Turboranger as Rehda (another classic Sentai villain!) before Rehda was killed off in ep30 of that show.

  5. @Anonymous: The joke would be lost if Junichi Haruta reprised Ryuu, not Kanpei, I think ThatChick said it perfectly. Plus, you know I am Indonesian and had much more nostalgia with Goggle V, so I am pleased. Besides, it just shows that every show gets their share of love rather than abandoning Goggle V like that (which would, to be honest, piss me off), what's with the underration of Goggle V everywhere?

    To each to his own, though.

  6. Haruta has said in interviews that DynaBlack was his favorite role, since Dynaman was the season where he was able to go all out crazy. LOL. But I think they gave him the role of GoggleBlack instead, due to already having one Dynaman return (DynaPink). And that's perfectly fine to me. Yes, it would be interesting to see DynaBlack interact with DynaPink (they still might. He might reprise his role as DynaBlack briefly). But since this is a celebration of everything Sentai, I think it's best to squeeze in as many characters from various teams as possible. And what's a celebration without the legendary Haruta? Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the only Goggle-V member that they could find. Curious to see how these guys have grown. =)

    One could also question why Ohba was chosen to be DenziBlue instead of Battle Kenya. I'm pretty sure it's because his role as DenziBlue was much more popular and stood out more. After all, in Battle Fever J, he kinda had to compete with the popularity of the first Battle Cossack (who was also very popular). Though like Haruta, maybe he'll briefly play his Battle Kenya role. They did do that with Hiroshi Miyauchi in Gao vs SS after all.

  7. Well I really played Mortal Kombat as well. For the PS3 I wish you can really REVIEW that game and do a critique on it. Just a thought for you to do while you may have other passions like Super Sentai, Blazblue, whatever you like but I thought you can make an open review for that game. =)