Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Sentai Humorous Moment 2: Boukenger

Okay so we're back for another humorous moment. You can bet your ass that one day this video will get removed, but before that, let's have a look. And yes, I've watched near halfway of Boukenger and this is one of the funniest moments... no, entire episode of funny, and this is its peak.

Satoru Akashi is a disbeliever for fortunes, and what luck, for this mission to get the Dragon Eye, he gets his luck fixated to be the worst possible and we get to see all kinds of misfortunes he's rained into. Those were deadly misfortunes, but god damn it, they're too hilarious to not cringe with! Fortunately, the rest of the Boukengers tried fixing his luck by giving him fortune-increasing items.

(Video starts here) Then they approached Ryuuon and his current Jakuryuu, Talong... and Bouken Red's appearance looked SO ridiculous Talong was laughing his ass off. Even the usually sadistic bastard Ryuuon can't help but also laugh at Bouken Red's getup. While the Boukengers do their roll call reversed (Red's last), both Ryuuon and Talong were too busy laughing their asses off, because seriously, all those accessories does make Bouken Red look totally ridiculous. Intending to end this seriously, Bouken Red coughs up and declares...

Endless Bouken Spirits! Go Go Sentai Boukenger!!

And there goes the usual explosion of Super Sentai following Boukenger's entrance... Looks awesome... except that the explosion caught on Bouken Red and his teammates had to put it off. (Video ends here)

What follows is that Bouken Red managed to flip off all his misfortunes while giving off speeches of friendship and eventually beats Talong, his luck restored to normal, Talong grows big, then he gets hit with worst luck and destroyed... But the fun didn't end there. Back in SGS, Satoru still insists that he's a disbeliever of fortune telling... until Eiji pulls out a 'Good Fortune' talisman right from his back pocket, and Souta finds out that he was actually browsing about fortune websites, embarrassing the hell out of Satoru. So he secretly was a believer!

This is an episode full of funny, worth jumping the rest of the Boukenger episodes just for this episode. I will have to admit that Satoru succeeded Takeru (Maskman) in terms about 'just because you're the Red Ranger, doesn't mean you never get to be the butt end of jokes'. In fact, there's a lot of instances of Satoru getting nasty physical jokes, usually at the end of episodes, but this one takes the whole episode to showcase him being that.

Sean may disagree with me, but this is why I wouldn't be able to see Ryuuon in the same caliber as Radiguet. As much as a sadist he is, Ryuuon occasionally jumps in the humorous moments, just like this episode, or some previous episodes when the Jaryuu gets some knowledge and instead boycotted him. If it was Radiguet, I think he wouldn't laugh, but rather just move in for the kill. But maybe it's just me. Of course Ryuuon is still an SOB. Just... an SOB who knows when to provide laugh to the audience when even he gets the butt end of jokes.

I think after this you can expect some actual Boukenger posts from me.


  1. I love that episode, it's hilarious. I also love the description on "for once an excuse why the bad guys don't attack the team during the roll call- because they're laughing their asses off, and continue to do so after the explosion that follows the entrance causes Satoru to catch on fire." Thanks for bringing this one up.

  2. Eh... that episode was okay, but that video was really funny. It was like a mockery toward super sentai henshi roll calls and their pretty colorful explosions XD.