Monday, March 21, 2011

Five Man Band: Dekaranger

All right, here we are in the first Five Man Band talk... in which we talk about... the Dekarangers

So let's get on with the breakdowns of the talk.

1. The Hero - Ban
By contrast, Ban really isn't giving out orders like he's the Leader of the group. However, he IS the Red Ranger and pretty much the team's 'fireball' and gives out inspiration to everyone. He's also the main protagonist of the series, thus he's this.

2. The Lancer - Houji
Houji is no leader, but in the same vein of Sean, yes he does have leadership qualities, as much as backfiring it was in the first try, but he has it, though he's no Kouichirou from Megaranger or Yuuri from Timeranger (where they're the technical leader). In contrast, since our Hero is Ban, Houji fits in Lancer position like a glove because of just how contrasting his personality with Ban. Indeed, they're the two that most likely would argue due to conflicting personalities. But hey, they also show great teamworks covering what they lack.

3. The Big Guy AND The Smart Guy - Sen-chan OR Jasmine
Okay, this is where I deviate from TV Tropes. Sen-chan is usually pegged as The Smart Guy due to his Thinking Pose, while Jasmine is pegged as The Big Guy because... she's a bishoujo type, the 'tougher' part of the duo with Umeko and the rest of the spots have been taken. However, let's look at the different perspective... in BATTLE, because those were really the perspective taken outside battle. When we look it at the Battle perspective, the role is reversed. Sen is the Big Guy because he held great power and when he fights, he goes straightforward pure power, remember that one episode where he kicks a chunk of rock and breaks it (or was it cutting it into two?)? On the other hand, Jasmine is instead The Smart Guy since she possesses the 'Mirage Dimension' ability which requires some creative mind and overall provides a more complex, tricky execution style, which is usually a trait for The Smart Guys.

So there we have it, up to you guys to decide which one is more Big and which one is more Smart.

4. The Chick - Umeko
Umeko is, put simply, the more emotional of the team. More emotional, however, doesn't mean to be the quiet one though, she's a different Chick because she's... well, loud and brash compared to Jasmine. But she's gotten her biggest 'Chick' credentials due to how her relationship with Sen came about, when after being tricked and nearly killed, she realized it sooner, shot her would-be killer, and broke down in tears.

5. Sixth Ranger - Tetsu (and Boss)
This is self-explanatory. Tetsu joins late, is 'different' than the rest (being that he's with the Tokkyou, and the rest are just SPD police officers). Sixth Rangers are supposed to be 'oddballs' amongst the team so he fits like a glue over there. And Boss may kind of count, but he takes more of the mentorship role...

And there we go about Dekaranger's Five Man Band formation. Tune in next time when I speak of another formation.

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  1. Not to mention that Sen-chan also lifted a car over his head in episode 6.