Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unpopular Opinions That I Have In Sentai

Okay, right now I'm gonna spill out some of the things I thought about Sentai. You may not like it very much with what I'm gonna say, but then again you may say I'm just not going over the popular opinion. Here we go.

1. Goggle V is really an underrated Sentai
Yes, you would see this coming, because I grew up in Indonesia, where Goggle V was pretty big, the essential Sentai of Indonesia. Most people would either ignore or underrate it due to the failed attempt at Brazil (more like due to bad scheduling, I mean airing after showing Sentai shows that has gotten a firm hold in storytelling? No, not just a bad idea... EPIC FAIL!) or that it's old. So much that in Henshin Grid's poll, most (if not all) Goggle V characters receive the lowest scores. Wow... was it really THAT bad in terms of underration? But for it's age, even with its flaws, it was still a pretty good show with quite the cast, you need to remember the focus was more about how the fights get carried out rather than how the plot goes, characters may stay static and unchanging, but hey, that's what happens in the old school ones.

I haven't seen any Sentai before Goggle V, but Fantasy Leader said that it was starting with Goggle V that the characters started to get colorful, so I really dunno how to rate that, but if it's true, then bless you, FL. And after seeing a good chunk of Dynaman, I kinda agree that the fight scenes in Goggle V are more intense and sometimes variative than Dynaman (no offense, Dynaman fans! I still like it for what it is). You should really check it out, forget about that failed attempt if you're from Brazil just treat it as some new old-school Sentai you never watched and you should feel more home. Oh, and Miki is awesome.

I really need to up my ante of promoting it...

2. Zyuranger holds on its own, and it's not Geki/Burai that's 'the only awesome thing of Zyuranger'.
Many decried that Zyuranger is a weak season, and hell I know it's pretty plagued with the 'Kid of the Week' syndrome. But I have to admit that it's not always 'Kid of The Week' even when it's not about Geki/Burai. Or when it's about MMPR nostalgia. Me, I always have a soft spot and Mei and what do you know, I find episodes featuring her entertaining, perhaps equal to the Geki/Burai episodes. Plus as said in Valsag Fantasy's blog, sometimes the 'Kid of the Week' isn't really that irritating. So yeah, I would say that Zyuranger is a pretty good show, if flawed, and should not be disliked due to the 'flaws', or overly liked merely for 'MMPR Nostalgia'.

3. I like Ahim better than Luca
Okay, in Gokaiger, everyone is crazy at Luca. I don't blame them, everyone got their tastes. That Chick, Sean, those two loved Luca. But me? I think I'm the only one who likes Ahim more. I dunno why but for some reason Luca doesn't click on me. Maybe the hair? I like long hairs on girls, maybe that's why. Plus Ahim got the 'natural cute' feel that I feel charming, and while it wasn't wholly focusing on her, I'd say her 'shared' spotlight in Episode 4 (which was about Joe), makes me like her for her sweet personality. Of course, since Gokaiger is still early, things may change, who knows what kind of stuffs Luca will do to win me over Ahim, but for now I'd say Ahim has the edge for me. And I still like Joe/Ahim better than Marvelous/Ahim for now.

That's about the opinions I had thus far which I think will really clash a lot with many people's, but I stand by my opinion and proud of it. Check this post often since my opinions tend to fluctuate so things may change, or I add up other conflicting opinions. I'll see you later.


  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning me... Miki is awesome, I agree. She and Goggle Black rock Goggle V for me. I like both Ahim and Luka. I relate to Luka more, though, but I find both of them hilarious. By the way, you're not alone with being an Ahim fan. I like to go on forums for news and stuff, although I don't contribute, and there's a sizeable amount of Ahim fans on HJU.

  2. Yeah, and if you see the recent stuffs at Henshin Grid, it seemed that the obscurity of Goggle V is really that bad... Damn. I have all the eps of Goggle V and some files to put subs, now if only I'm good at Japanese, I could make subs for it and help out in completely subbing it, bringing it out of obscurity! Rats.