Sunday, February 27, 2011

Super Sentai: Five Man Band

In regards of the same-named TV Tropes article, this is the series we're going to discuss for quite a bit. For those who don't know, Super Sentai draws heavy similarities with the show 'Science Ninja Team Gatchaman'. In this I mean, the formation of five people with a set of roles, each fulfilling some archetypical roles...
  • The Hero: Obviously the leader. He takes charge, he gives commands. Although this being Sentai, sometimes this goes to the Red Ranger, because he's the protagonist and that's how the show runs.
  • The Lancer: Vice-leader or number two. Usually second strongest, if not, he's the guy who gives contrast to the hero.
  • The Big Guy: Member with the biggest... something. Usually biggest size, but could also be biggest weaponry, etc.
  • The Smart Guy: Member with the brains, or prefers in outwitting the enemy with tricky attacks. In Sentai, this seems to translate to those whose fighting style has lots of back flips.
  • The Chick: Token girl. If not, this spot goes to those who are emotional, or is offset with a low defense or something. Not to say this is useless though.
  • Sixth Ranger: Extra rangers. Hell, since Power Rangers named it...
For the next series of posts, there's going to be a talk about the formation of these bands in each Sentai groups, how they fit into the role, etc. Look up to it!

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