Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pairing Talk: Maskman

Okay, this will be a rather short pairing talk, about Maskman. I'm sure there are a lot who can expand this, but for now, I'll just nail it down to one pairing.

Takeru X Momoko

Yes, I know, if you're reading this, Sean, you must have liked this pair very much. Me, I like it too, I think it's one of my favorite pairs in Maskman. There's one thing that I kinda dislike, though... And it's not their fault, really.

The show didn't give them any chemistry at all.

Of course Maskman being a show about 'Star Crossed Lovers' means Takeru will get his time a lot with Mio/Iyal, the official couple of the show. But, unlike Shinkenger, which has the fan pairing Takeru/Mako, which is also supported that they spend time quite close together... This is not the case of Maskman. Takeru and Momoko has no episodes where it's exactly the two of them together. Momoko did have episodes that shares with other people, but they are mostly with Haruka; and one episode with Akira. No Takeru-Momoko in sight.

So, pretty much, this pairing has no basis given by the show, leaving it to only fan interpretation. And I keep wondering why it garners a lot of shippers. It has no basis... but I like this pairing, damn it!

Well, that's all I gotta say about this Maskman pairing. Stay tuned, maybe next time there will be more Maskman pairing talk in the future.


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  2. Actually, just for the phonograph, my ABSOLUTE favorite Maskman couple is Takeru/Haruka.

    (I knew from day one that Takeru/Ial would just not work, just as I knew that Igam was not really a man.)

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  4. It has a lot of fans simply because people generally expect that the Red Ranger will hook up with Pink in most series (or White if there's no Pink.) And a lot of Takeru/Momoko shippers thought the romance with Ial was written badly or that any kind of love story should have been kept within the team

    In terms of other Maskman pairings, there's got to be a few Takeru/Ial shippers out there. There are also people who like Takeru/Haruka, Kenta/Haruka, and Akira/Momoko

  5. I kind of thought about it that Takeru and Momoko were the molds for Takeru and Mako in Shinkenger. Shinkenger gave me Maskman nostalgia with its characters.

    By the way if you've seen episode 34 of Maskman, there was that funny scene where Takeru seemed jealous of Momoko's admirer (who turned out to be a monster, ugh) although in the show, he was still yearning for Ial.

    If you ask me, I thought Ial was dead when I was still a kid because she got frozen. Silly me. :-P

  6. oh gee,,we all have the same fantasy. when i was a kid, and watching this show, i have always wanted that michael joe and mary rose will have a romantic relation. they just really suit each other then, but it never happen, it only runs in my imagination then..but how i wish i get to see that episode again wherein it featured momoko's love interest...